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soul eater (remade)  kourage18 726 9011 over a year ago
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Create a Character or just talk with people!  DJAce 2 959 over a year ago
RP if u want  SoulEater-Roxs 5 1189 over a year ago
Soul Eater:Kishin Rebirth  Taika 6 421 over a year ago
mifune (a closer look )  zerorin 5 2076 over a year ago
my favorito is....  zerorin 15 3484 over a year ago
If you could make a couple in Soul Eater who would they be?  S_y_r_i_n_x 3 1676 over a year ago
Soul Eater MOVIE  MakaAndSoullove 1 440 over a year ago
Soul Eater RP  FlashyKaren 5 402 over a year ago
You know ur a soul eater fã if....  browie98 10 1108 over a year ago
yo ,create your soul eater character !!!  shiori_trancy 10 3967 over a year ago
Chrona's Gender  kawaiiUsagi 17 8963 over a year ago
Ghosts Soul Eater RP (Remade)  TheAdventGhost 416 7038 over a year ago
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How do you change you perfil picture?  MakaAndSoullove 0 307 over a year ago
What happened with maka being a weapon ANd a meister?  MakaAndSoullove 0 383 over a year ago
Soul Eater Medusa's Return  TheAdventGhost 174 7650 over a year ago
DWMA: Evolution (reboot)  dargox 36 6634 over a year ago
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Proof that Crona is a boy not a girl  Boomerxbubbles 3 2360 over a year ago
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DWMA: Evolution  dargox 440 12195 over a year ago
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Witch girl RP  Firegirl1015 1 473 over a year ago
Fun Facts Thread :3  chocolate18 0 3185 over a year ago
The evil invotation of DWMA (soul eater rp)  dargox 137 6219 over a year ago
Who do you prefer to be, a Meister or Weapon and why?  BlackLady88 10 775 over a year ago
Who do you think is the strongest character in Soul Eater? (Besides Shinigami)  S_y_r_i_n_x 5 2456 over a year ago
Dwma Prom! Rp  xRainbowNinjax 0 365 over a year ago
does anyone else here "Paper Moon"when they are sad?  phangs 2 415 over a year ago
Rp  shadow962025 176 3595 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap  Shadowsign 14 1440 over a year ago
Soul Eater RP!!!!  AmyWeasley 45 3627 over a year ago
perguntas from the series!  mamfi 2 2889 over a year ago
Soul Eater animê Remake..  itamikakusa 8 4056 over a year ago
If you are a Meister or Weapon, who among the Soul Eater characters would you like to be your partner and why?  BlackLady88 2 2194 over a year ago
uproar comics need new artists  zombiesrock 0 264 over a year ago
The heights of SE character!!!!  YuuiKiiro 2 9773 over a year ago
Have you heard about the New Soul Eater that came out in January!!?  Animewolfchick 5 909 over a year ago
New Meister and Weapon team.  OmegaFan 10 1094 over a year ago
Ascaridole = Stein??  geowilf 0 2348 over a year ago
Gettingan ícone and banner  yadayada 18 2644 over a year ago
Soul eater will actually have a season 2 ?  andee96 4 754 over a year ago
Shouldnt Maka and Soul hook up?  kawaiiUsagi 5 1110 over a year ago
Is it me or does Soul Eater deserve mais than 51 episodes?  loyaltabk 8 1251 over a year ago
Kid x Maka in Okubo-san pics  YuuiKiiro 4 10817 over a year ago
Soul Eater spot creator?  Naruto-dono 0 1304 over a year ago