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The fans pick: Robb & Talisa
The fans pick: Talisa Maegyr
The fans pick: Of course!
The fans pick: Both
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Robb & Talisa/Jeyne mural

b_kenobi said …
Ahhh my OTP! Such a beautiful couple, too good for this world, too pure. Posted over a year ago
RobbStark234 said …
Such a underrated couple! :(.... But then again everyone I seem to amor in GOT seems not to get that much love... :( Posted over a year ago
Articuno224 commented…
I segundo that!!! over a year ago
b_kenobi commented…
I know right? Come on, people! They're the star-crossed apaixonados of GoT! over a year ago
Articuno224 said …
Am I the only one who REALLY likes Talisa??? I see SO much hate or indifference towards her!! I don't get it! But it's the same with Catelyn actually! When I re watched 2x08 yesterday! I thought the Robb and Talisa scenes were some of the best! AND whenever Talisa laughed or joked I laughed too... to me she just seems very likeable Posted over a year ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
I think most people who don't like her don't because she was not in the books. Had she just been Jeyne, like it was in the books, I'm sure the situation had been different. But I don't share their opinions. I amor Talisa <3 Not nearly as much as Robb, but she's great anyway! over a year ago
Articuno224 commented…
Yeah I can understand that it's disapointing not to see the character they expected, but seriously? To Hate the new character just for that reason? Makes no sense to me! Juch her as a new character! Anyway... That's just my opinion. But yeah Robb is still better of course, but that wasn't really the point xD over a year ago