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The fans pick: Both of them
Both of them
May the Force be with you.
The fans pick: 2
The fans pick: Sprite
The fans pick: Snow White and the Huntsman
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zanhar1 said …
So I talked to the publisher the seguinte step is actually submitting my manuscript for review now that I've verified that it's done. If three of five like what I have then the publishing process begins. So fingers crossed. Posted faz 1 hora
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Hey, remember that pride you were talking about earlier? Well this is where it comes in handy. You've worked hard for this moment, right? And don't you think hard work deserves pay? Keep calm, and let your material be published! You got this! faz 1 hora
TheLefteris24 commented…
^ Exactly this. I do not really have much to add. Good Luck, Zanny !!!! faz 45 minutos
Heartbeat- commented…
You will shine. faz 5 minutos
Mauserfan1910 said …
Life tip: Buy Stardew Valley

You get to farm shit, mine shit, slay slimes, and fuck bitches all in one game Posted faz 10 horas
Riku114 commented…
Oh dude Ive banked 125 hours into that according to my Steam profile. Its a great game faz 6 horas
Mauserfan1910 commented…
I got it on the switch, now I can work digitally while I'm not at work faz 4 horas
TheLefteris24 commented…
I am interested. The first two aspects were already tempting but the third has made all the convincing !!!! faz 1 hora
-Universe_COLA- said …
You know what.....we should just like, start a aleatório lyric chain XD original lyrics or just whatever. Posted faz 15 horas
TheLefteris24 commented…
^ Bring it. I am always down for a aleatório Lyric Chain !!!! faz 14 horas
TheLefteris24 commented…
Just... DOO IT !!!! faz 14 horas
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Let's do it Lefty, we'll just call this the first round! faz 1 hora