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CokeTheUmbreon said …
Damn, my story hit an all time low on Wattpad. Posted faz 3 horas
SwordofIzanami said …
It's very sad that a certain man passed away at the very young age (and he was in the same age as me). But at the same time, it's a miracle that people granted his dying wish to come true. (R.I.P. the 21-year old man.) Posted faz 8 horas
1012jackson commented…
Who is he? What was his wish? And what happened to him? faz 8 horas
1012jackson said …
Beauty is what you feel about yourself. Not about what you see in the mirror. Anybody who feels great about themselves or has a great coração inside them, that's the real thing that makes you beautiful. Not always what you look like. That's what I meant. But you know what they say. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". What exactly do you see when you look at yourself? Posted faz 9 horas
whatsupbugs commented…
I agree with your post. faz 9 horas