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Kuro_Hyou666 said …
Is this place still lively? Haven't come por in a long time. Take care peoples, BP is floating around sometimes xD Posted faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
Hello XD faz 1 hora
Riku114 commented…
Lively... eh. Lively with trolls, just as much as before Im sure. Maybe a bit mais faz 1 hora
Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
Hi Riku. It's been a while. Trolls, huh? Fuck the trolls, I say. faz 1 hora
springely said …
'Cause brother wanna play David and Goliath,
All alone with no stone, and I slay the big giant. Posted faz 11 horas
zilla1998 said …
I got wonderful news! Crazedsitcomfan and I are finally married! He's now my beautiful husband! Posted faz 13 horas
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Good, now you can bother each other and leave us alone faz 13 horas
SilentForce commented…
Congratulations. faz 12 horas
zanhar1 commented…
Aww that's sweet. True love. faz 8 horas