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The fans pick: Pepsi
coca- cola
The fans pick: 3
The fans pick: Is fine with me!
The fans pick: Storms in the city
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9 fãs answered this question
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Blaze1213IsBack said …
So I redid my pottermore Hogwarts house and am so confused now lol. At first I got Gryffindor but it turns out I might be a Ravenclaw instead and I have gotten Ravenclaw in the past even right now I got the same result Ravenclaw so am starting to think I might just be a Ravenclaw instead of a Gryffindor now lol. Am starting to think it has to do with me getting older since you know you change a lot when you get older. Don't get me wrong I amor I got Ravenclaw. Posted faz 4 horas
Blaze1213IsBack commented…
Anyone else ever got two houses before on Pottermore? faz 4 horas
BlindBandit92 commented…
Ya I've gotten Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I just conclude I have enough in my personality to be both houses. faz 4 horas
Blaze1213IsBack commented…
Also nice Zeppie! faz 20 minutos
Angelhugs said …
I don’t think there’s any person exists who is 100% healthy
Not mentally Not physically. Posted faz 11 horas
SwordofIzanami said …
Whatever you guys been doing, it looks SMASHING! Posted faz 12 horas