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2 fãs answered this question
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KenziCop said …
oh nina just cuz bonnie's leaving doesn't mean you have to come back. I wish you would but i completely understand why you won't. Posted over a year ago
delenasalvatore commented…
What is that comment even supposed to mean? You don't want Nina/Elena to come back, because you don't want Bonnie to leave, but you wish she would?? Does that even make sense? You either want her to come back or you don't, and it sounds to me as if you don't, actually. over a year ago
HaleyDewit commented…
KenziCop, please do shut the hell up. over a year ago
katie_ketusia said …
I still can't believe Nina is leaving VD. I'm gonna miss her a lot... Posted over a year ago
mmote commented…
ik that sucks i will miss u over a year ago
mariahmote said …
your are so pretty thanks for being my role model Posted over a year ago