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posted by naruto12354
"argh" says naruto as he battles sasuke "hah naruto i will win" "CHIDORI" , "RASENGAN" they both charge at each other "ahhhhh" , "ahhhhhhh "heh" says sasuke as he forms cursemark "AAAAGH" yells naruto as he goes one tail BOOM they clash togethor and suddenly they are both thrown to either side "SASUKE IM TAKING YOU BACK" yells naruto "no naruto not this time i have grown tired of this village i seek orochimaru he will give me power" says sasuke "HAVE YOU lost YOUR MIND" yells naruto as he punches sasuke and pins him to the mural "rrrr" growls sasuke "you dont understand naruto" says sasuke "YES...
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posted by Tunic
Hey, I cant be bothered to type it out, sooo,

I'm going to just give the link to my fanfic, but you can carry on leitura my fanfic on this page, :D


I will amor you guys if you become my fann,


Made up characters:

Kimmi: My friends friends character, loves sasuke.

Ruby: Loves Deidara

Snowy: Loves Kabuto

Please write a longer artigo or consider posting to the forum.

^^^^ the message that keeps popping up, so i'm just gonna waste some o espaço here..

anyways, thank you for taking the time to bother leitura my fanfic, and thank you :D

Feel free to leave any comments on my fanfic page, I need opinions!