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The fans pick: Comedy
The fans pick: Naomi Scott
The fans pick: The Greatest Showman
The fans pick: taylor rápido, swift
The fans pick: fantasma da ópera
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AtomicWedgieBoy said …
People need to stop calling remakes "pointless". Hollywood has been remaking films for a century. Folks nowadays are so negative and cynical, it's sad. Posted faz 1 dia
BJsRealm commented…
^What about reboots? faz 1 dia
hatelarxene said …
* Razzies *
- We need to do something for attention! Do you have any ideas?!
*Random guy*
- What if we nominate two of some of the best atrizes for their phenomenal performances?

And that’s the story of how the amazingly talented Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence were nominated for the Razzies.

Disgusting. Posted faz 26 dias
AtomicWedgieBoy commented…
Okay, I didn't like The Circle. But Emma Watson was amazing in it, and she in no way deserves a Razzie nomination. I've always thought the Razzies are a joke, anyway. I mean, they awarded Sandra Bullock an (extremely) undeserved Razzie for her great performance in All About Steve. Can someone boycott the Razzies, please? faz 26 dias
ToriKelly5 said …
I saw Captain Underpants: the first Epic Movie ! I loved it Posted faz 3 meses