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The fans pick: The Wizard of Oz
The fans pick: Juno
The fans pick: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
The fans pick: o senhor dos anéis
peter pan
The fans pick: la la land
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noRAP said …
watching terminator-Exterminador do Futuro 2 in 3D was like living 90s

Its a real treat for kids who were born after the ano 2000

I never thought I would get to see it in cinema.

Thanks for making it in 3D Posted faz 4 dias
hatelarxene said …
White washing is not a real thing. People always try to act like white washing is some evil plot, but it really isn't.
Why? Because if you are adapting a story in America, it is only obvious it will be mostly white people as America is mostly white.
Let's say India announced it made a deal with Marvel to put out a bollywood version of X-men, would you honestly think they would use mostly white actors? Or would they use the stars of Indian movies?
I think the answer is pretty obvious. Posted faz 4 dias
noRAP said …
Going to see IT excited but scared to death at same time.....I smell caramelo pipoca already....♥ Posted faz 15 dias
Queen_Chill commented…
I watched it last night, It was really good. faz 12 dias
HaleyDewit commented…
My brother watched it. He said it was pretty good. faz 12 dias
noRAP commented…
sorry!! faz 4 dias