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MoonNimbus15612 said …
Oh, man! You should see one of my worlds. I build a giant: cupcake, girl, Creeper, Pacman being chased, bed, house (one block thin), chess set, mesa, tabela and chairs, mesa, tabela and chairs with umbrella, and heaps more!!!!! Posted over a year ago
wantadog commented…
Cool! over a year ago
MoonNimbus15612 commented…
Yup yup. Dont mean to brag.........but yup. :) over a year ago
wantadog commented…
XD I haven't been on here in while. I'm so proud at the amount of times these have been viewed. *Tears up* over a year ago
wantadog said …
I found time, so expect mais pixel art. Posted over a year ago
wantadog said …
Technical problems preventing me from posting. Will try to fix. Posted over a year ago