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The fans pick: To hell yes!
To hell yes!
The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: Of course>He is sexy
The fans pick: Jim CLANCY
The fans pick: million times yes!
million times yes!
how should i know?
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2 fãs answered this question
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Melinda and Jim mural

Laisalves8 said …
One of the best tv couples ever!They're just perfect for each other. Posted over a year ago
kawadanami said …
They're SO sweet together. Jim is a husband of my dreams, really. He never stops loving Mel, no matter what she says or does. He protects her, even from herself. He's always sympathetic, though sometimes he disagree. For him she is his goddess, his femme fatale.
And Mel is so courageous! I'd be dead like a milion times from fear now. :) Posted over a year ago
My_Rob said …
My all time favorito TV couple! <3 I am looking for some good Mel/Jim pics to try to draw since I am taking life drawing I want to practice, not much luck here though. Not much luck anywhere. Posted over a year ago