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The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Yeah! Kate rules!!!!!!! Howl for Kate!!
Yeah! Kate rules!!- !!!!! Howl...
Are u kidding?! Humphrey is...
The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: YES!! YES!! I would do anything for Kate!
YES!! YES!! I would do...
What! No! She is a lobo she...
The fans pick: Yes that would be Awesome! Maybe I could actulley find her!
Yes that would be Awesome!...
No! That would be such a...
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xSexyKatex said …
Anyone thinks that my butt that you called thic/fat? What is going on with you guys? * sits down with back turned* .I can't believe what I am hearing from you. Posted faz 9 meses
xSexyKatex commented…
nah I am pulling your legs and I amor you all for saying that faz 9 meses
AlphaGirl55 said …
Kate is great! XD Posted faz 12 meses
Zach-Coley commented…
Yep! You can't argue with that statement! ;) faz 11 meses
NemesisPrime92 commented…
Kate's a slut! faz 7 meses
Zach-Coley commented…
@NemesisPrime92 ok....then....? faz 5 meses
AlphaGirl55 said …
Kate is the best character in the movie por FAR! Posted over a year ago
NemesisPrime92 commented…
Lilly has my vote. Unlike Kate she's got a believable and relatable personality. Not the stereotypical hot action girl everyone wants to bone stigma that Kate has and similar characters like Lola Bunny, Krystal raposa and Colleen from Road Rovers all have. over a year ago