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posted by just_bella
Sorry it took so long, it's been a busy week. Thanks all for the support and understanding, you're all amazing! Thank You!!

End of Chapter 19
***Edward's POV***

"I will, I amor you Edward. Please hurry back to me." She said as she started to cry again.

"I amor you Bella." I said as I hug up the phone, knowing that she was hurting and it was all my fault.

A few segundos later the door opened and Gabriel's smug face came walking in. He stood there attempting to hold my gaze, but gave up when he realized that I wasn't going to look at him.

"Why so glum, chum?" He asked as he walked into the room, grinning...
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posted by just_bella
Hi! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the support and comments, you're all too nice!!

End of Chapter 63

Carlisle came in the room a minuto later, opening the closet and taking out Bella's jacket. He held it open for her, waiting for her to go and let him help her into it.

"You're free." He said as he shook the jaqueta softly.

Bella squeeked in happiness as she stood up and ran, putting her arms into the jaqueta that Carlisle was holding for her. She pulled her long, dark hair out of the back of the jaqueta and turned to look at me.

"Let's go. We have to find my dad."

I stood up...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 5

"Dad, I'm going to go help." I said as I started walking towards the woods.

"No, Jacob stay here." He said, not looking at me but at the woods that surrounded the house.

"Dad, I can't just sit here. I have to do something."

"Jacob, be patient." He said as he turned his head to the west and smiled slightly.

I was about to ask him what he was smirking at when I saw Sam Uley come walking out of the woods wearing nothing but a pair of cut off jeans. In his arms was a small bundle that I thought was wood until I saw the dark brown hair hanging over his arm.

"I've got her." Sam yelled...
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End of Chapter 26
***Edward's POV***

I charged him, throwing him against the far wall, pieces of stone falling seguinte to him on the floor. He was instantly coming at me again, but his thoughts gave him away. I blocked each of his attacks, smiling as I pushed his hand away or dodged out of the way.

"STOP!" Someone yelled, just as I was about to smash Demetri's head against the floors. "Edward, you are our guest here...I suggest you remember that." Caius said as he entered the room.

"Take him to his room." Aro said as he waved his hand at Demetri. "And, don't harm him."

Demetri came over and grabbed...
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Well....let's see where this goes. :)

End of Chapter 23

"Maijalissa, I.." He said as he looked deep into my eyes. "I lo.."

I held my breath as I waited for him to finish the sentence that I was longing to hear...but before he could finish he spun as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the window.

"We have to go, please trust me. They're almost here." He said and for one of the first times I heard fear in his voice. "Grab your things."

I looked at him for a minuto before I turned and stuffed everything back into the bag, I pulled it on my shoulder as he grabbed my hand and run out the front door...
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posted by gwen5890
i knew one dia edward didn't come bck i knew he was dead so one dia i came to my dad house and i walk in and didn't say nothing and he said;bella! are u okay and i didn;t really think i was on the floor and i was on the floor with blood on my hand and he grab me and said;bella! whatz happen honey and i before i knew it i run out the door and alice drove around and stop and put in stop and she run over to me and said;edward dead last night!!!!!! remember at and outofnowhere she kiss me and she couldn't stop and i push her away and said;what*is with you!are u okay?and after i said;we are never...
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End of Chapter 36
***Edward's POV***

This annoyed the officers, they were hoping that we would just go along...that we would just admit to the entire thing.

"Would it be possible for your parents to come down tonight?"

"No." Emmett said, his arms flexing to make him look mais intimidating. "Our father is a doctor, and he is at the hospital tonight. He could be here tomorrow afternoon, when he finishes.

"Fine." The senior officer said as he glared at all of us. "Tomorrow afternoon, five pm?"

"We will do that." Jasper said.

"Make sure you do." The younger cocky cop said before he turned and walked back...
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End of Chapter 10

"What did it say?" Father asked in surprise.

"It told me that I should have listened, I should have not gone looking for it or them...then it disappeared."

"Disappeared?" A voice called.

"Yes, I think that it went down into the sewers. I think that is where it hides during the day." I said, pretty sure of my findings.

"Then tomorrow we go to the tunnels." Michael said as he smiled. "We can go when the beasts sleep, that is what I have heard of these demons..they sleep during the day."

"Is that true?" Johnathan asked.

"I am unsure, there are many stories about them and no one knows...
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