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Fan fiction by ILoveGumball posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Johny was only four years old, while Susan and Mary were six. They got new lab coats, but no supplies.
Johny was in preschool with his sisters one ordinary day. Dukey was there, too. He was just a little pup with a small brain. They were at recess, untill they saw a meteor, about the size of Dukey right now. Dukey was smaller then, so he could barely even see the topo, início of the meteor.
Dukey barked and questioned, "How big is that meteor?" The Test girls climbed on the unusual rock to investigate peculiarly. As they looked around, they chipped a piece of coal, and a Sapphire with their nails, unsuccessfuly.
As the girls were about to climb off, a small child about five 1/2 years old with brown hair and a BB colar flew por in a jetpack about the size of Dukey. "Who is she?" The chubby boy asked swoonfuly as hearts appeared in his eyes. He was looking at Susan, one of the older test girls. She had red hair with a hair Pin. She frowned at the boy, as she put her hair pin in her pocket.