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The fans pick: Burn x Gazal
The fans pick: INAZUMA Japão
The fans pick: Goenji Shuuya (Axel Blaze)
The fans pick: Fubuki
The fans pick: haruna
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1 fã answered this question
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inazuma eleven mural

satsuki09 said …
Wow... It's been so many years since I've been here, but I miss it and everyone a lot! Posted faz 4 meses
jessy_an said …
Afsha here if you guys remember I miss you all Posted faz 6 meses
alice1919119 said …
this mural is so full of nostalgic comments i'm gonna cry. the people here are so pleasant. Inazuma Eleven was the first animê i watched with Japanese audio when i did not even know what animê is and will forever hold a special place in my coração and this is probably the only club i've ever contributed to. jesus guess i gotta binge again. Posted over a year ago
Shukuya commented…
You're pretty bold huh! faz 4 meses
Shukuya commented…
wanna cadastrar-se my club faz 4 meses