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jlhfan624 said …
Thanks to all fãs who voted for a new look! You chose good! Posted faz 15 dias
cinema1975 said …
Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Colin Bressler I am a low budget horror film director. I am currently making my new film Bloody Drama, check out our instagram @bloody_drama. Let me know what you think? Posted faz 1 mês
jlhfan624 commented…
Good luck on your feature! Thanks for joining! faz 1 mês
cinema1975 commented…
great to find like minded people. faz 1 mês
0YouCanFly0 said …
Anyone else prefer psychological horror/thrillers over slasher movies? Slashers are great, too, though Posted faz 2 meses
jlhfan624 commented…
I like both, but slashers are the pão and manteiga of horror. I wish there were mais of them. faz 2 meses