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If i was the same age as him it would be amazing unfortunatly in stuck at 14. I when im bored and i am just lying there thinking about what to do i wonder what it would be like to meet Gez. But then i start thinking about what i would say and i get all nervous so i stop thinking about it.

Then i wonder is it just me that think that he is amazing i mean his hair is gorgeous and if that wasn't enough he is pretty cute too. I mean who could ask for someone mais perfect.

Last ano i didn't know anything about Gerren but then i started wathching Young Dracula and so i realised that he is kinda cute so i waited till the credits came on to find out his name. Then i found out about this website. And now here i am composição literária this article.
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Have you ever writen a boys name down so many times just to try and get his name out of your head, but it just got?
Have you ever drawn hearts around a boys name and other drawings as well of a boy?
well dont worry its not a disses you just got stocker sindrom. YES! stocker sindrom. What is stocker sindrom you ask, well stocker sindrom is when you see a total cutie and can't get him out of your head, and you feel like your in love. Well you are in amor a cachorro, filhote de cachorro love. cachorro, filhote de cachorro amor is just a really strong crush.
the only cure is time and try not to get crazy.
Ways you can control stocker sindrom is to (1) sing a song in your head preferably not a amor song till that person is out of your head,(2) do math this one helps if you hate math because math always makes me lull( still, quit ), (3) last talk to a friend about something different.
And thats....
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sorry it is on youtube! song: hallelula sung by: Gerran Howell. ENJOY! x x x x
gerran howell
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