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F.R.I.E.N.D.S ♥ ícone Contest {Round 3 - OPEN // Deadline; 21st of December}  marakii 22 3481 over a year ago
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"Friends" banners  karolinak1999 4 2440 over a year ago
Hug, Kiss, Slap ?  Rae2233 73 10635 over a year ago
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This Or That  mikee21 429 22687 over a year ago
friends Merchandise Items  teamstrick 0 2451 over a year ago
Rate That Episode...  justchilin595 25 3191 over a year ago
friends picture contest (VOTING)  sheerika 102 18622 over a year ago
Yum or Yuck  befferz 99 6946 over a year ago
The wrong answer game ?  sheerika 24 2230 over a year ago
The Actors Game  justchilin595 26 7101 over a year ago
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what D.O.A means??  eisai_xazo 33 172180 over a year ago
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New game show with friends superfan on it  Alan_B 2 2347 over a year ago
The "what's the seguinte line"-game  chainsaw_teddy 63 11676 over a year ago
what is differences about the friends beteween episode 6x24/25 and 7x1??  stefanyse 0 2558 over a year ago
perfil Pic  penguin7710 0 1540 over a year ago
Blu raio, ray Audio Sync  bjmort 0 2090 over a year ago
Matt LeBlanc Agent  SG11 0 1958 over a year ago
~~!friends photoes!~~  DiM134 1 2919 over a year ago
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The person BELOW Me. (Got this from the fanpop users spot)  ToEkNeE 94 6765 over a year ago
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Your name with Friends!  sheerika 2 2399 over a year ago
A - Z of F.R.I.E.N.D.S  Jennifer22 47 4169 over a year ago
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Matthew Perry Sighting?  HenryC460 2 3708 over a year ago
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getting to know you  sheerika 8 2222 over a year ago
HOW OLD ARE U FANS???  555YJ 67 6506 over a year ago
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Imagine if... [game]  User20392 29 6103 over a year ago
the name game  dermer4ever 12 3578 over a year ago
Guess what episode the Quote is from [game]  User20392 19 4874 over a year ago
Things some of the friends would NEVER say  ToEkNeE 30 4070 over a year ago
Guess from which episode the picture is [game]  User20392 228 17813 over a year ago
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Emotional Strength  lacrymosa 0 2102 over a year ago
friends ícone Game [ROUND 19-ONE OF THE SIX AT WORK] [OPEN]  friendsfan101 139 11891 over a year ago
Why Not Choose Monster Beats?  monsterbeats 0 2364 over a year ago
friends ScreenCaps  nikki8green6 2 8077 over a year ago
Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character are you most like and why?  Jennifer22 0 2319 over a year ago
Which friends character are you most like and why?  moo000 2 2702 over a year ago
topo, início 25 friends Episodes  dermer4ever 3 3317 over a year ago
@drunkgirlprblmz  cheesecakella 1 1641 over a year ago
Couple Song Contest: ROUND 5 OPEN [Ross & Charlie]  KusoAkuma 13 3390 over a year ago
Watching friends everyday  FriendsResearch 0 1655 over a year ago
+Positive  dermer4ever 28 4515 over a year ago
Joey and Chandler as louro, laurel and Hardy?  pezzz 0 2630 over a year ago
Hi friends view my iPod case designs  wildculture 0 1349 over a year ago
Hi friends visit the bellow url and see my paintings  wildculture 0 1306 over a year ago
The friends Time Game!  EastendersRox 35 4112 over a year ago
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Snog, Marry, Avoid  FriendsIsMyLife 9 2728 over a year ago
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friends make a difference  dingbaat 0 1834 over a year ago
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Friends Icon Contest {ROUND 1} Favorite Character  TitanicLeoKate 3 1124 over a year ago
Are you and your partner like Ross and Rachel?  taffytopham 0 1699 over a year ago
how to watch friends online?  anderson619 0 2050 over a year ago
Monica's Peephole Frame!!  FriendsIsMyLife 0 4683 over a year ago
counter tamborete, fezes  lovegeneration 0 1755 over a year ago
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Countdown to 50.000 fãs :D  User20392 99 6382 over a year ago
favorito Quote  maybeastarbucks 67 20912 over a year ago
friends movie  imo09 0 1881 over a year ago
:D HELP friends fãs HELP!  555YJ 5 2298 over a year ago
Picture contest <Closed>  haley_scott 11 3702 over a year ago
Countdowns  nandacavalieri 14 2567 over a year ago
[Round 1 ; friends Couples ícone Contest ] OPEN!!  MsJeremyGilbert 3 2141 over a year ago
PLEASE REPLY!! this shouldn't be i the fórum thougt!  555YJ 4 1559 over a year ago
Rachels Excelsior Poster Available to Buy  ktbgreat2 0 3438 over a year ago
Watch all the friends episodes from PC :)  Silentcloud 0 1791 over a year ago