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 Snow White Pop Art
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This disney princesas fotografia might contain anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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Okay so I seen this done once so now I wanna do it~! These are atrizes I like && I would not mind seeing play the Princesses~! Sorry for any grammer && spelling errors. I did not care if the Actress does is not the same nationality or race as the princess I would like them to play because in filmes they cast differently too. As long as the actress looks the part they can play the part.

Jasmine: Gemma Arterton

A popular movie Gemma played in is Prince of Persia~! She is beautiful. I would amor to see her as Jasmine~!

Ariel:Rachel Hurd-Wood

So I had a hard time thinking of...
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 Merida in disney Princess shading
Merida in Disney Princess shading
After seeing this image of Merida in disney Princess shading. We know what that means. Yep! Merida will officially cadastrar-se the Royal Court along with the other Official disney Princesses. So we might as well get prepared for her welcoming here.

So the banner needs to changed, who ever was in charge of that during Rapunzel's welcoming needs to be notified.
(If I remember correctly it was a contest and the banner with the most votes win. and the person who created disney Princess fanpop-fanclub changes the banner.)

Does anybody know if Merida will get a coronation like Tiana and Rapunzel? So that...
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As Princess ervilha soared through the sky on her magic carpet, thoughts of her childhood came rushing back to her...

"Peanalita! Come downstairs at once, it's time for the annual Golden Kingdom Parade!" yelled Annalynne at the topo, início of her lungs.
Down the palace staircase ran five-year-old Peanalita, in a shimmering rosa, -de-rosa dress that had been delivered from Paris the night before. "I'm ready, Mother!"

The parade began as it did every year, jesters and jugglers, clowns and face-painters...all the children in the kingdom would have a wonderful time playing with their friends and eating candy...all...
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Fa mulan had always considered herself to be a patient person. Whether she was dealing with her father being over-protective or her grandmother's insanely weird supersitious beliefs, she was always patient and calm when necessary. Then again, she'd never met someone quite like Princess Pea, who had just discovered her secret.
"You're a cross-dresser!" ervilha exclaimed.
mulan quickly stood up and told ervilha to whisper. "Please, you have to understand. I did it to save my father."
"From what? Finding out you're a lesbian? Honey, I'm sure he'll amor you just as much."
"No! No, I did it because my...
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