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posted by Swanpride
For now I'm sticking to the usual "who came first" order, but I might mix them up later on.

Character: Top! As my favorito childhood princess, she will always be something special.

Role Model: topo, início – no middle – no topo, início – no middle. The thing is, I like her in the top, because she is friendly, acts responsible and is an all around positive character. But it does become rather crowded in the top, and there are three princesses I would rank above her.
Beauty: topo, início – it’s easy to make ícones with her, because she looks good from mais or less every angle. From the blue eyed princesses,...
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posted by starlight77
I once saw an artigo done on everyone's opinion of this and I thought it would be cool to write an artigo of my own. There is also a countdown going on about homes and there was one about favorito rooms and they inspired me to write this. So here's my topo, início ten favorito homes.

10. The Chateau

Many years ago, before cinderela was born and probably when she was probably very little, the mansion was a happy place where her father and her mother entertained the elite and lived in complete bliss. Everyone usually hates this house because it's associate with Lady Tremaine and it looks awful...
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posted by Disneyfan9648
So a lot of prole are doing this and I feel like you guys will like me mais if you know me better so artigo time!

I am an 18 ano old boy who lives in the state of New Mexico. No, not Mexico the country, I am as white as a really white person (descriptive, right?) Some of you may know New Mexico as the place where Breaking Bad was filmed, and those of you who don't know Breaking Bad, probably haven't heard of New Mexico. If you guys like Breaking Bad let me know and I'll tell you something cool.

WOW! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Tim and I have two brothers. I have an identical...
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posted by Jessikaroo
Of all the things that are continually said about the princesses, this is the one that grates on me the most. Not only is it horribly untrue, but no one ever comes to Aurora's defense. Since I am tired and continually typing the same thing over and over again, I thought it would be mais convenient to post my artigo like this and just link to it whenever I need to. Remember guys, it's okay to have your own opinions. Doesn't mean those opinions are always right though.

Let's start out por defining a Mary Sue.
A fictional character, usually female, who is the epitome of perfection. Most commonly...
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So here is an artigo about my favorito DP movie titles, if you don't know what that is that's those that are usually featured in the beginning of the movie. I think all of them are beautiful so it was hard to place them at a perfect place and sorry if I'm a bit biased here, but I hope that you will have a wonderful leitura time and don't forget to comment! Here we go!

10. Pocahontas

The main reason to why it's last on my list is because the letters are so weird looking to me, but I like that it's two colored, in fact the título is one of the reasons to why I can still enjoy the movie despite...
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posted by carrieicecream
 All the beautimous DPs we know and adore!
All the beautimous DPs we know and adore!
Now that there are 13 disney Princesses(which is my lucky number btw) I will make a favorito LIST!!! I know, it's the moment you've all been waiting for (no it's not), so lets get this shindig started!

13. Merida

I amor every single disney Princess, but someone has to be last, sorry Mer! I think what makes her last is that her movie was the least interesting for me, and her selfish actions at the beginning of the movie slightly bugged me--although she did overcome that, but also (I might sound shallow here) because she doesn't sing. I'm sorry! I'm just a huuuge fã of the DP voices, and I sing...
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posted by Hellowittykitty
1. 👍Tiana- because she has a beautiful gown, a great sense of courage, and that little doll accent of a New Orleans girl. Who knew that a waitress is now finally the owner of her own Restaurant and princess to the slightly spoiled Prince Naveen? I did! Raymond and Mama Odie helped her out. She just had to dig a little deeper!

2. 👟Mulan- the Chinese (and/or Japanese) girl from a gentle and compassionate dynasty. Ancient ancestors to noble parents that care for her deeply, mulan is a oriental flor that has yet to bloom. A blossom of a woman hides behind this wonderful spirited princess....
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 Anastasia, how are you?
Anastasia, how are you?
Hi guys, okay since I'm a fã of both films. So here are comparisons on both films.

The Story

While watching Tangled, I notice some similarities with Anastasia. Rapunzel and the latter are both lost princesses who would be a commoner for the majority of the film.
Unlike Rapunzel, anastasia suffers from amnesia while falling of the train and losing grip of her grandmother while escaping the revolution, while Rapunzel was kidnap as a baby por Mother Gothel.
They find true amor along the way, and they did not get on well with Flynn and Dmitri respectively. But, as time goes por their relationship...
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Note: Captain cuecas and Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante are not owned and created por me. This is a story for fanpop and Fanfiction.net.

Professor Poopypants and the Duke of Weselton were tired of losing all the time so they decided to team up.

Professor Poopypants said "This is going to be our biggest victory yet."

The Duke of Weselton said "I agree."

The 2 villains laughed and started attacking Principal Krupp's school. Professor Poopypants said "I will get my revenge on the silly school."

Principal Krupp angrily said "How many times do I have to remind you that no villains are allowed to take over the school?"

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Alice Kingsleigh is the estrela of the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. She is played por Mia Wasikowska. She's a young adult. Her dad died, but her mom and sister are alive. Her best friend is Tarrant Hightopp.

Alice may seem like a eccentric person to add to the disney Princess group, but pretty much everything about Alice in Wonderland is weird.

The disney Princess group needs Alice, because she's Disney's best female character. That's a fact, not a opinion. I'm joking. Well kind of.

Alice is a inspiring hero. She was basically forced to have a...
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 1. Normal dress
1. Normal dress
We are now on the final renaissance princess Mulan. However she is not a royal princess. She is not born one and she maries Li Shang a soldier not a prince, but she is still really cool and has princess outfits so don't be saying negative thing she rocks.

1.Normal dress
When we first see mulan she is wearing a green Cardigan, blue strap all on topo, início of a yellow dress. This all looks lovely, I amor the colours on it. A lightly coloured outfit thats Pretty and simple all in all I like it. 8/10

2. Brides maid dress
When cantar reflections, mulan is wearing a rosa, -de-rosa top, a high ponytail, dark blue strap...
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 Hello Kenny.
Hello Kenny.
Okay, since I had done with Enya. Now it's Kenny G's turn! Are you ready?

1. Songbird

Whenever I listened to this music, Snow White would come to my mind since she loves birds, especially during the 'With a Smile and a Song' and the 'Working Song' scene.

2. por the Time the Night is Over

Ella and Kit/ cinderela and Prince Charming, I personally think it suits the latter mais because when the night is over, he will find the mysterious girl that fits the glass slipper.

3. coração and Soul

Princess Aurora and Prince Philip will dance together to this music, especially during 'Once upon a Dream' and...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Are you ready for redemption, Hans?
Are you ready for redemption, Hans?
Okay, an idea had just struck me. Since the sequel will be coming soon, here are my thoughts on why should Hans be redeem or not if he makes an appearance again.

He Should Redeem Himself

When I first watch the movie, I started to have a crush on him until he turn into the dark side. However upon being expose, he was arrested and ship back to the 7 Isles so that his brothers could punish him.
In Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante Fever, he was doing community service until Elsa let out a giant snowball and hit him! I personally think that from that minor scene, I felt that he should redeem himself anyway, because he finally...
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 Which is your favourite?
Which is your favourite?
Since Korean entertainment has dominated the whole of Asia, here are the disney Princesses' favourite Korean dramas and why they amor it!

Iris (Mulan & Shang)

This Korean drama is about spying and espionage, this drama reminds me of both mulan and Shang because it teaches them about spying.

My Princess (Rapunzel & Flynn)

Although the story is very similar to the Princess Diaries, Rapunzel did not find out that she is a princess until later of the story.

Winter Sonata (Elsa, Kristoff & Anna)

As the título mentions, this drama is very old but it suits the trios. Both stories are set...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
Yep, that's right today I'm going to defend Merida, a princess I've seen a lot of undeserved hate. She is number four on my favorito disney Princess list, and it kills me how much hate she gets, and I don't think people see the good side of her.

Is there a good side of her? Of course there is! There's a good side in everyone, but everyone is so busy focusing on denouncing her for her flaws, that they forget to admire her flaws. Admire her for her strengths.

I admit, I agree that Merida can be a brat, but what princess isn't? They all have bratty moments, why is Merida the only one being hated...
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Okay, keep in mind this is just my opinion and snsdlover4ever's opinion.

Also, thanks to snsdlover4ever for the wonderful pictures. :)

Also, I will be shortening our usernames.
I will be ATLA.
And Snsdlover will be SNSD.


SNSD: I think Naveen. I felt that they're both smart and cunning. Like the I-get-what-I-want kind of type.
ATLA: I think Naveen, or maybe Flynn. I actually think they're not that much like each other, but I feel like it would work out. I think that they would be a great couple, especially since I don't even like Tiana with Naveen anyway..
Ship Name: Navana.

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posted by Likerodeo
Everyone has their personal favorite, ranking of the disney Princessess n thoughts of who should b included. In my eyes, this is the ranking of the maidens from the house of mouse:

15. Aurora, indeed the sleeping beauty is beautiful, graceful, n has a heavenly operatic voice, unfortunately she has little agency in her own story n personality.

14. Anna, a spunky n cute go getter but most of the other princesses that have come before her have these traits checked off too.

13. Moana, a real cookie cutter of a modern disney princess, she is pretty much just an ethnic variation of Anna but is ahead...
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The one thing missing in Snow White and the seven dwarfs is any communication between Snow White and the Evil queen . Unlike in Disney's cinderela and enrolados all of whom are step mum verses step daughter. Two different people Snow White kind, happy and a giving person, whilst the queen is a harsh, mean and only cares for herself.

In Mirror Mirror there is a brilliant showing of this in one of the first scenes.

So Snow White is 18 today. She is sad, lonely and bored in her bedroom, a bird pops in and so Snow White feeds it, then she hears a fanfare coming from downstairs. Snow gets excited...
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Most people would agree that each of the disney Princesses are individually unique. While most people take their stories and personalities into consideration, few tend to recognize that they each have an individual artistic style. Even though over the years their lineup has homogenized to create what we might consider Classic Disney, the design of nearly each princess was in fact inspired with a specific artist or art style in mind. I believe this is the je-ne-sais-quoi people have a hard time attributing...
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 tbh same anna prince hans is one dream naco, pedaço, hunk
tbh same anna prince hans is one dream hunk
For my first article, I decided to start with a light, fluffy topic! Kidding, of course, but I think this is a rather crucial topic that needs to be discussed. Something to keep in mind before leitura this article, I'm a fã of Frozen, I'm a fã of the disney Princesses, and I'm without a doubt a fã of Disney! You can be a fã of something and still criticize it (Spoiler alert for the article? Ah well..) Anyway, onto the article!

First things first let's discuss the racial makeup of Frozen's setting. Oh WAIT, we can't because Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante takes place in a fictional land! That's something that seems...
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