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posted by SarahCorine
~PART ONE~The girls I respect

~PART THREE~The girls I will be in life

Part Two continues the list. These are the girls I love. There are things about them that I respect much like I did with the last set of girls from my Part One article, but they stand out mais to me because I would want to meet these girls. Like the last article, I used pictures to represent what I like best about each Princess.

 I am Merida!
I am Merida!

I've only seen Valente once but from what I remember of her, I absolutely amor her. Like Jasmine, she also didn't want to be forced into marriage especially if she knew it was going to be a loveless marriage. Also like Jasmine, she wasn't afraid to stand up for herself, even if that meant going against her mother. One of my favorito DP scenes is when she takes off her hoodie, stands before the crowd and says it loud for everyone to hear, "I AM MERIDA!" I get chills when I hear that. Declare who you are. Be who you want to be and declare it to yourself, to the world. Everything that I amor about Merida can be summed up in that one statement. It's why I amor Merida so much. I just want to say that one of God's name is "I am" and when I heard Merida say who she was, that's what it made me think of. God is "I am" because He declares it so. "I am that I am." For me, Merida represents how important it is to not only know who you are, but to declare who you are. You can be anyone you want to be. I know the world is going to attack you for who you are because they are judgmental, racist, sexist, homophobic, and just plain ignorant. Whatever they call you and whoever they say you are, take off your hoodie, stand before them and declare who you are. "I am Sarah"

 I'm almost there.
I'm almost there.

Live your dream! Tiana had two jobs because she not only knew where she wanted to be, but she knew she was going to get there. She knew she was almost there. Despite struggling through a family death. she kept on her path. The straight and narrow is a hard path to follow, but Tiana did it. Her best scenes are her scenes with Charlotte. Tiana's friends came in to the o jantar, lanchonete to invite her out with them and when she refuses so she can work, they immediately put her down basically. But when charlotte is around, she supports her and loves her and encourages her. This goes to prove that you don't need friends in your life that are going to make you feel bad if you'd rather chase your dream than a night out on the town. Don't just declare who you are. Declare what you want in your life and don't let anyone tell you, you can't have it. Even as a frog, she still held strong to her dream. You can too. Hop to it.

 This is the path I choose.
This is the path I choose.

She makes me want to jump off a cliff. For that scene alone, I know why John Smith fell in amor with her. She went to the danger and thrill. Cliff diving. She went to the danger for fun and excitement but she went to the danger of death when it was needed for the man she loved, the father she loved, the tribe she loved. People say she lacked personality, especially after she met John Smith, but that's just not true. Personality doesn't mean having fun all the time. There's a time for fun and a time for seriousness. She had fun cliff diving, she had fun in the river, she had fun with Meeko and Flit, but when the time came for it, she was serious because the truth of the matter is she was fighting a war of prejudice that would have killed hundreds of each tribe, if not more. Pocahontas is the one who always trusts her gut instinct. She was advised to marry Kocoum but she trusted there was something greater out there. Had she married Kocoum, there would have been no voice of reason in their war and no one to stop it. She didn't run to John's side just to protect him. It was an act of courage to protect them all. When the time came for her to make a choice, she took a moment to see what was there. She stayed because she knew the war was not over. It's shown in the sequel. When people are faced with something new, that they don't know, they fear it. They want to destroy it to rid themselves of their fear. She is brave. She is wise. She is strong to choose what she needs over what she wants. Had she gone with John, the war would have continued. She did the right thing and I give her praise for that.

 When will my reflection show who I am inside?
When will my reflection show who I am inside?

mulan is the estrela of another one of my favorito DP scenes. The moment she saw her father blow out the fire, was the moment she turned her fogo on. The music. That score. It's strong and powerful just like mulan is. What I've realized while composição literária this list is that so many of the princesses faced a chance of death at one point or another. Though she didn't show it too much, mulan was overcome with intense anxiety. The seguinte worse thing to someone you amor dying is the thought and fear of their death. mulan saw her father stumble with his sword and so she took it from him because the moment she saw that, she saw his death that may have very well been inevitable had he gone to war. I admire her for first trying to talk to her father about not going. In their time and place, he would have been seen as a dishonorable coward had he stayed home. He really was between a rock and a hard place. mulan was the barrier between them so her father wouldn't have to face them. I may have a ranking of each princess and where they personally stand with me, but what I amor about each one. What really shines about each one is that they all amor perfectly. Whether it be their friends, their family, their prince, themselves, the greater good, they each represent a amor that is inspired. mulan went to war but she overcame her own war por fighting everything against her.
posted by KataraLover
Once there was a handsome rich man, who had a beautiful wife who was kind as she was beautiful. They also had a beautiful little girl(5 years old right now) named Cinderella, she was named after her mother Ella, also the she loved to watch the cinders fly from the fogo place. But one dia out of nowhere the rich woman died. After a ano the rich man married again he felt his daughter needed a mother. She was a woman of good family with two daughters just Cinderella's age por name anastasia and Drizella. However after two years of marriage the good man died leaveing his daughter broken hearted....
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Since the current theme in the 11 in 1 Princess ícone Contest is In your favorito outfit of theirs I decided to write an artigo about my favorites, I'm also including Anna and Elsa in the article

Snow White: Princess Dress With Cape

My favorito DP Outfit, I amor everything about this dress and with the cape the dress looks even prettier, but I do amor the dress without the cape, it's just that without the cape the dress looks a little mais plain than with the cape. Anyway as I said before I amor everything about the dress, the colors, the length, the accessories, everything really

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The group referred to as The Princesses doesn't refer to the group of 10 heroines we know on this site. This group refers to the women who were literally born into royalty, and in some studies, Kida from "Atlantis" is in this group as well, since she is technically royalty. In order to keep the flow of things pretty even, I have relegated her to the "Tough Girls" group, which will have their own artigo later on. For now, we'll focus on The Princesses: Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Rapunzel.

There may be no disney character mais polarizing than Ariel among feminist scholars (as well...
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