I really enjoy cantar and happen to amor the DP cantar voices, so I decided to go ahead and write out my list and explain my reasonings. This is entirely my opinion, so no hate comments please. Without further ado, here's the list:

11. Rapunzel

I amor all the DP voices to be honest, so even though she is last I will admit she has a good voice. First of all, she sings with lots of emotion and has a really clear sound to her voice. Her voice suits Rapunzel very well and Mandy Moore really knows how to bring out Rapunzel's personality in the songs. However, although I amor Mandy Moore's voice, I can't seem to amor it as much with Rapunzel, although I do still amor it. She sounds kind of breathy and too modern, and her head voice tends to annoy me.

10. Snow White

Snow White's voice is very unique and beautiful, and unlike most people the high pitch in her voice doesn't really bother me. For one thing, not many people can hit as high notes as her. But's it's not just about high notes, and sings in a really nice opera fashion and has a very sweet sounding voice. Although her voice is beautiful, the vibrating noise can sone times get annoying, and I guess she just isn't as much of my type.

9. Anna

Anna's voice is similar to Rapunzel's, similar flaws as well, but I amor it more. I'll start with the positives, she sings with a lot of emotion. Her voice has a really clear sound and I like that it's really loud but it never sounds like she is yelling. Her voice is very enjoyable, although it can get kind of annoying to me, especially in amor is an Open Door. She has a kind of modern tone that just doesn't appeal to me as much if that makes sense.

8. Belle

I really amor Belle's voice, it's not as unique, but it is lovely. It sounds very classic to me, and I definitely feel like Belle's personality is put into her voice. I especially amor the way she hits the higher notes. Although her voice is great, I just don't think it's as impressive as the others.

7. Cinderella

Her voice is so sweet and soothing. I really amor classic sounding voices. I think hers in particular is very simple yet something about it appeals to me. I especially amor how she sounds in "Sing Sweet Nightngale". She isn't higher simply because I think the others are mais impressive.

6. Tiana

First of all, I just want to say that I think African-American women and men have fantastic voices, I think Tiana is a very good example of this. Annika Noni Rose did a great job with Tiana's voice, her voice is very smooth at the beginning of Almost There, and then she takes it to a new level when she reaches the louder notes. I amor the huskiness and power in her voice. Soft or loud, her cantar voice is amazing. She isn't higher simply because I like the others more.

5. Jasmine/Mulan

As I hope all you DP fãs know, jasmim and mulan are voices por the same person who happens to be Lea Salonga. I think she did a great job with both. Her voice is no doubt very unique. I especially amor it when she sings higher, although I think she did better with Jasmine. I would put her higher, but I simply amor the others more.

4. Aurora

For once something Sleeping Beauty related is high on my list. Shocker, right? Well as much as I hate to admit it, Aurora's voice is breathtakingly beautiful. I amor opera-like voices, especially when they start humming. Her voice shows lots of emotion, it's calming and elegant yet still fun and charming. I don't mind that it is old fashioned, I actually prefer those kinds of voices. I don't really have anything negative to say about it though.

3. Ariel

To be honest, Aurora does have a better voice than her, but this is about my favoritos after all. I know she sounds nasally, but for some reason I don't mind the nasal sound when she sings. I just think she has a beautiful voice, especially when Ursala takes it. She sings with the perfect volume, perfect emotion, it never sounds annoying at all. But of course, she can sound nasally sometimes, and I amor the seguinte two a bit more.

2. Pocahontas

Her voice is absolutely spectacular. It is pretty unique and incredibly powerful. She is really good at belting without sounding like she is yelling. I adore how she hits her higher notes, especially when she does it in a loud voice. She has a great range so when she sings she sounds so free and amazing. She does sing with a bit less emotion than some of the other DPs, but that would be my only complaint.

1. Elsa

Yeah, I know Elsa being #1 was really expected, but I honestly think Idina Menzel has a phenomenal voice not because she was on Broadway, but even as Elsa I genuinely think her voice is fantastic. Anyway, from the first time I heard Let it go I loved her voice. I don't think it sounds nasally at all. She sounds very passionate, powerful and has a very strong and somewhat husky voice. I really amor how she sounds in FTFTIF reprise, especially when she is cantar the deeper notes. Her voice is amazing when she is cantar the deeper notes, as well as how amazing it always sounds.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my article. Thanks for reading.