Chapter 7: Escape

"He's right you know the Archdeacon it would be unwise of me to arouse Frollo's anger further he's been nothing but kind to me if it wasn't for him I'd be out of the streets or maybe even dead at least I would be in heaven with my Papa and Mother" Esmeralda placed her hand on Belle's shoulder sitting seguinte to her on the floor in the stain glass windows reflection " You must miss them terribly you're lucky at least you have memories of your parents I don't even remember my mother and father but what I've learned is that we can't live in the past we need to look toward the future and I know for a fact that yours will be very bright so don't think about wanting to end your life now your parents wouldn't want that they would want you to live your life after what you did for that boy today you such a kind and caring coração Belle and you should share it with the world just like you have with me".
Belle smiled at her Esmeralda was right she couldn't give up now when she had so much left to give "Thank you Esmeralda your the first real friend that I've ever had", "And your mine" she hugged her it was so nice to finally have a friend in her life she had never had one before all the other gypsies just felt like companions nothing or no one she could really relate to except for being a gypsy and being incredibly poor Djali bahed the girls couldn't help but laugh it was like he was saying "Hey what about me?" "Yes and you to Djali" he came up to Belle and she gave him as hug to and a little kiss between his horns he blushed and turned redder than the ripest tomate they couldn't help but laugh again.

Suddenly they heard a man shouting "YOU sino RINGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE! Haven't you caused enough trouble already" Quasimodo knocked over a candle stand making a loud thump on the tile floor as he was trying to get away Belle and Esmeralda quickly got up startled por the noise they hadn't realized they had been followed "Quasimodo wait!" Belle cried as she Esmeralda and Djali followed him up the tower steps chasing him across the upper level of Notre Dame his three gargoyle friends stood watching "Look he's got another friend with him and there's Belle coming up behind Quasi" said Laverne the oldest of the three of them and the only women "Yeah maybe today wasn't a total loss after all" said Hugo "A vision of loveliness" said Victor "The one's the dresses ain't bad either".They all all jumped down from the roof topo, início "Good show my boy" said Victor the segundo oldest "Got the girls chasing you already" said Hugo the youngest and fattest of them all "Yes I mean no I", "All you need to do Quasi is just give the girls some slack then real them in then give real them in them give them some slack" Laverne hit him on the head "Knock it off, Hugo they're girls, not a mackerels you moron" they quickly turned to stone when they saw Belle and Esmeralda walk in "There you are Quasimodo oh I thought we lost you" said Belle "Yes well I'm well I'm glad you found your way back and tell your friend thank for coming but I have things need to do I oh", "NO WAIT QUASIMODO!!" Hugo came to life and made smooching lips at Djali he shook his head like he was just seeing things then followed Esmeralda and Belle as they climbed up the staircase and ladder up to his place "I want to apologize"said Esmeralda as she climbed "If I had known who you were I wouldn't have pulled you up onto the stage".

She stood seguinte to Belle memorized por what she saw "What is this place?", "This is where I live", "Did you make all these things yourself this is beautiful" said Esmeralda touching the hanging staining glass Belle did to she had never seen this side of Quasimodo's início before even when she had come up earlier to dry off "It truly is" "Thank you", "Oh if I could do this you wouldn't find me dancing in the streets for coins", "But your a wonderful dancer", "We it keeps pão on the mesa, tabela anyway what's this", "Oh no no please I'm not finished I still have to paint them" he said as she lifted up the white sheet "Its the black smith and the baker" Djali ate one of the farmers ovelha, ovelhas "Your a surprising person Quasimodo" she said putting the carving of the blacksmith back on the mesa, tabela "Not to mention lucky all this room to yourself", "Well its not just me there's Belle who will be staying with me tonight", "That's sweet of her"turning toward her with a smile "The gargoyles and of course the bells would you both like to see them", "I would amor to Quasimodo", "Yes we would amor to wouldn't we Djali". Esmeralda looked over as he swallowed the farmer into his mouth "Good I'll introduce you" she climbed up the small ladder that lead to the very topo, início of the tower where the bells hung from inside the roof she lend Belle a hand up the ladder "They're so beautiful" Belle said in aww they looked over to Quasimodo who was por the first sino "This is Sophie then Jacqueline, Anne Marie, and Little Marie" he said as he hopped from sino to sino "And whose this Quasimodo" Belle asked "Big Marie" as he hopped down onto the floor Esmeralda and Belle went inside her and said hello "She likes you girls would you like to see more?", "How about it Djali?" She bent down and looked back toward him as he walked through Big Marie he belched and her hollow inside made it even louder that it scared him a little bit.
"We'd amor to", Good I saved the best for last" they a climbed one last long ladder now on the highest part of Notre Dame they looked out onto the most gorgeous view of Paris over looking the canal houses on either side and the sky full of beautiful golds, pinks, reds, and purples it was truly a sight to see both Esmeralda and Belle were in complete aww "I bet the king himself doesn't have a few like this", "I could stay up here forever", "You could you know Esmeralda you have sanctuary", "But not freedom gypsies don't do well inside stone walls, "But you're not like other gypsies their evil", "QUASIMODO! Who told you that?" Belle asked shocked "My master Frollo he raised me", "How could such a cruel man have raised you" she asked as they all sat down on topo, início of the roof "Oh oh no Belle he saved my life he took me in when no one else would I am a monster you know", "He told you that" said Esmeralda "Look at me you two".

Esmeralda had a puzzled look on her face for a moment "Give me your hand", "What?", "Just let me see it" she could tell por the look on his face that he was scared "Here I'll do Belle first may I see your hand?", "Of course" she let Esmeralda lead her hand her palm facing up "Let's see a long life line, this means your intellegent, your very kind hearted, oh and this one means that your going to being in a long happy relationship someday when you find the right guy", "Wow you can tell all that just por leitura a palm that's amazing", "Thank you", "You see Quasimodo its not so bad I promise". At first he hesitated but decided after watching Belle to give it a try it wasn't going to hurt anything "Hmm also a long life line, oh and this one means your shy hmm hm hm hm that's funny", "What?!", "I don't see any", "Any what?", "Monster lines not a single one" he looked at his hand "Now you look at me do you think I'm evil?", "No! No no no you are kind and good and and", "And a gypsy and maybe Frollo's wrong about all of us". Eavesdropping from down below we're the gargoyles stacked on topo, início of each other Laverne was on topo, início listening with one of her horns "What did she say?" asked Hugo "Frollo's noise is long and he wears a truss", "Ha! Told ya pay up", "Oh dear" said Victor as he handed him a coin "Chump".
Quasimodo looked over at Belle and Esmeralda and smiled "You helped me now I will help you", "But there's no way out there's guards at every door", "We won't use a door", "You mean climb down Quasimodo" said Belle shocked "Sure she carries him I carry her", "Ok we'll do it" Esmeralda went over to Belle and gave her a hug she was so worried about them "Don't worry we'll be fine", "Be careful my friend", "I will", "You take good care of her Djali" he bahed at Belle "Come on Djali" he leapt into her arms and she placed her handkerchief over his eyes to blind fold him so he wouldn't get scared."Are you ready" Quasimodo picked her up "Yes", "Don't be afraid", "I'm to afraid" as he kept over the rail both she and Belle became scared as she watched from above "Now I'm afraid", "Don't worry" Djali blind fold untied from his face falling to the ground he became scared Esmeralda holding tightly to him "Have you ever done this before", "No". She became scared as they kept across the tower onto the seguinte one and climbed down but she trusted him then leaping onto the roof "Wow your quite the acrobat", "Thank you" suddenly the panel he was standing on came loose and they slid down the roof the wind blowing in their hair like like you were riding on a board Quasimodo quickly grabbed a statue facing the edge if Notre Dame before they fell to their death the roof panel flew into a window the guards left to go investigate quickly he dropped down onto another roof and grabbed another statue swinging them safely onto a ledge he hid behind a large female statue and Esmeralda posed in front of it as a guard walked por with a torch in his hand once he was gone Quasimodo came out of hiding and sat down seguinte to Esmeralda on the edge "I hope I didn't scare you", "Not for an instant" the same couldn't be said for Djali he had been scared out of his wits and was glad it was over as he laid on topo, início of a headless statue with the head in the persons hand "I'll never forget you Esmeralda" she placed her hand on his face and moved it toward hers "Come with me!", "What?", "To the Court of Miracles leave this place", "Oh no I'm never going out there again you saw what happened today no this is we're I belong" moving his hand over the structure of Notre Dame "Alright then I'll to see you", "Here? But what about the soldiers and Frollo?", "I'll come after sunset", "But at at sunset I ring the evening Mass,then after that I clean the cloisters, then I ring the Vespers" Esmeralda kissed him "Whatever works for you", "If you and Belle need sanctuary this will help you find it" taking the colar for around her neck placing it around his "How?", "Just remember when you wear this woven band you hold the city in your hand" Djali bahed mais soldiers were coming "Hurry you must go" Quasimodo watched as Esmeralda and Djali climbed down from and rope and run off between two homes once they were gone from his sight he climbed back up Notre Dame.

An unfamiliar hand helped him up it was Phebous he has to to check on Belle to see if she was doing alright "Hi there I'm looking for Mistress Belle have you seen her" Quasimodo jumped onto the balcony angrily growling at him like a rapid as he wild dog Pheobus backed away down the tower steps that lead back to the cathedral "Whoa, whoa, whoa easy" he quickly grabbed a torch hanging from the stone mural "Wait! All I want is to...", "GO!" Belle could hear Quasimodo screaming from the sino tower she ran quickly to see if he was alright "I mean her no harm" Quasimodo growled waving the torch wildly in front of him "Rrrrrr... Go!" Phebous quickly drew his sword and trapped the torch against the wall. Belle was shocked when she made it to the tower Quasimodo was lifting Pheobus off the ground por his colarinho, colar trying to get him to leave "Quasimodo don't! Its alright he's a friend" he looked into her soft pleading brown eyes letting him go "You have five minutos then I want you to go", "Thank you Quasi" placing her hand on his arm he smiled at her then went back up the steps Belle turned toward Pheobus "I'm so sorry he's very protective", "Good quality to have in friend" he said as he put away his sword "What brings you here Captain?", "Please Belle call me Pheobus", "Pheobus" it tickled her tongue she said it so sweetly "Well now that we have names straight I just came to see if you were doing alright in case you were having segundo thoughts about staying with the Hunchback and maybe if if if you wanted to we could go on a moon lite ride before we head back to the Palace of Justice", she thought his studdering was cute it reminded her of Quasi she could tell he was beating himself up for it clearly he'd never acted this way before it made her feel flattered "I would amor to do you think Achilles will mind", "No not at all he fancies you", "Well I'm flattered really I'll meet you outside I just need to tell Quasimodo", "Of course".
She watched as Pheobus went down the steps when he was gone she went back upstairs and found Quasimodo looking out into the night across the way "Quasi", "Belle is everything alright? Did he hurt you?", "No not at all actually he invited me to go for a ride and then we would head back to the Palace of Justice will you be alright if I go", "Of course", "Your sure I promised you that I would stay I just don't want you to feel like I've disappointed you", "Not at all go have fun", "Thank you" giving him a kiss on the cheek "Will you be back tomorrow?", "I promise goodnight Quasi", "Goodnight Belle". He watched her go down the steps then headed back to the sino tower "Hey hey! There he is!" shouted Hugo he and the other gargoyles rushed over to cheer and applause him "Gizmo you ejected that tin plated babuíno with great panache!" said Victor "The nerve of him snooping around trying to steal your girl", "My girl?", "Belle brown hair went off with the solider remember?" asked Laverne "Boy I do! Way to go lover boy!", "Lover boy? Oh no,no,no,no", "Oh don't be so modest", " Look, I appreciate what you're all trying to do, but let's not fool ourselves. "Ugliest face in all of Paris", remember? I don't think I'm her type". As he looked out he began to sing then headed back to his wooden village mesa, tabela thinking about what it would be like to be in amor "So many times out here I've watched a happy pair of apaixonados walking in the night.They had a kind of glow around them it almost looked like heaven's light I knew I'd never know that warm and loving glow though I might wish with all my might no face as hideous as my face was ever meant for heaven's light".
Laverne handed him to pieces of wood he carved one figurine of Esmeralda and one of Belle as he continued to sing "But suddenly two anjos have smiled at me
and kissed my cheek without a trace of fright I dare to dream that they might even care for me and as I ring these bells tonight my cold dark tower seems so bright I swear it must be heavens light" ringing the bells for the evening mass.
"This is Sophie"
"Then Jacqueline, Anne Marie, and Little Marie"
"Good I saved the best for last"
"Ha told you! Pay up!"
I'm not afraid"
"Have you ever done this before?"
"Wow your quite the acrobat"
"Please Belle call me Pheobus"
"And suddenly two anjos have smiled at me"
"I dare to dream that they might even care for me"
"I swear it must be heavens light