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3 fãs answered this question
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3 fãs answered this question
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ktichenor said …
Really cool club! amor the concept! 😎 Posted faz 29 dias
ktichenor commented…
Joined! <3 faz 29 dias
auroraxaurelia commented…
Welcome! faz 25 dias
ktichenor commented…
Thanks! 😊 faz 24 dias
auroraxaurelia said …
oi guys! Its been several months since I've been on here. Missed everyone and the crossovers. What is everyone using to make your crossovers. I usually use but the website is not loading. Its not my adobe flash because I checked that and made sure. Never really used anything else to make my manips. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Posted faz 2 meses
abbygrace said …
Also, I want you guys to know that you don't have to cruz apaixonados if you want to Posted faz 6 meses
auroraxaurelia commented…
We know. You don't have to cruz filmes either. But if making manips with characters from the same movie, I would suggest adding a character from another film as some people have issues with characters from all the same movie just being manipulated. But their is another club that suits those kind of manips well. faz 2 meses
auroraxaurelia commented…
link faz 2 meses