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This disney Channel estrela Singers fotografia contains retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup. There might also be atratividade, recurso, gostosura, atração, hotness, atractividade, apelação, and quentão.

Run, run like you do
I’m chasing you
I’m on your tail
I’m gaining fast
You’re going nowhere
Try to fix what you’ve done
Turn back the sun
The night is calling
And we’re falling faster now

Pushin’ me away
Every last word, every single thing you say
Pushin’ me away
You try to stop me now but it already too late
Pushin’ me away
If you really don’t care then say it to my face
Pushin’ me away
You’re push, push, pushin’ me away

Stop, tell me the truth
‘Cause I’m so confused
Spinning ‘round these walls are falling down and I need you
More than you know
I’m not letting go
I’m getting...
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(OMG did you hear I’m dating a Jonas Brother
It’s so hot)

You been in work you should’ve known better
It’s gonna suck when the camera stops rolling
And you find out soon
That the treatment wasn’t worth it

They’re all the same, they all want the money
They’re all insane, they live for fame honey
They laugh at you when you’re not even bein’ funny

Well I’ve been
Here before
And I’ve seen
A first hand and front row seat
This little thing they call
A video girl

Video girl who rocked my world
For a whole two seconds
And now I know
I’m not about to be another victim
(Of the video girl syndrome)...
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You warned me that you were gonna leave
I never thought you would really go
I was blind but baby now I see
I broke your heart
But now I know
That I was bein’ such a fool
And I didn’t deserve you

I don’t wanna fall asleep
‘Cause I don’t know if I’ll get up
And I don’t wanna cause a scene
But I’m dying without your love
I’m begging to hear your voice
Tell me you amor me too
‘Cause I’d rather just be alone
If I know that I can’t have you

Looking at the letter that you left
(A letter that you left
Will I ever get you back)
Wonderin’ if I’ll ever get you back
(Ooah ooah ooah ooah)
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I feel like I’m gonna go insane
‘Cause I keep hearing your voice call my name
In an empty room girl you’re the one I see
Let me tell you girl you’re history

I’m a one man show
(One man show)
I don’t need no one
(Need no one)
I’ll be fine alone
(Fine alone)
Oh yeah
You can call me but
(Call me but)
I won’t pick up my phone
(Pick up my phone)
‘Cause I’m a one man show
(One man show)
Oh yeah
I don’t need you girl

Girl you broke my coração and let me down
I’d be better off if you weren’t ‘round
Took my amor and threw it on the ground
Saying goodbye, girl, don’t make a sound

I’m a one man...
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We’re the kids, we’re the kids, we’re the kids of the future
We’re the kids, we’re the kids, we’re the kids of the future

Standing on a dirty old rooftop
Down below the cars in this city go rushing by
I sit here alone and I wonder why

Come on Lewis, keep moving forward
Hold your head up high
There’s no time for looking down
You will not believe where we’re going now

Here we go, let me remind you
Look ahead, the past is behind you

We’re the kids of the future (Whoa oh)
We’re the kids of the future (Whoa oh)
Everybody live ‘cause the future is now

Bright lights
Boy, look around you
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One dia when I came início at lunchtime
I heard a funny noise
Went out to the backyard to find out
If it was one of those rowdy boys
Stood there with my neighbor called Peter
And a Flux Capacitor

He told me he built a time machine
Like one in a film I’ve seen

He said I went to the ano 3000
Not much has changed but they lived under water
And your great, great, great grand daughter
Is doing fine (Doing fine)

He took me to the future in the Flux thing
And I saw everything
Boy bands, and another one, and another one (And another one)
And the girls there, with brown hair, like estrela wars
They float above the...
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Oh yeah… oh yeah
If the coração is always searching
Can you ever find a home
I’ve been looking for that someone
I’ll never make it on my own
Dreams can’t take the place of loving you
There’s gotta be a million reasons why it’s true

When you look me in the eyes
And tell me that you amor me
Everything’s alright
When you’re right here por my side
When you look me in the eyes
I catch a glimpse of heaven
I find my paradise
When you look me in the eyes

How long will I be waiting
To be with you again
I’m gonna tell you that I amor you
In the best way that I can
I can’t take a dia without you here
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You never listen to me
I know I’m better off alone
Everybody knows it’s true
Yeah we all see through you
No it won’t be hard to do
Throw away my stuff from you

And I’ll wait for her to come
She won’t break my heart
‘Cause I know she’ll be from Australia
She is so beautiful
She’s my dream girl
La la (La la) la la
She’s my dream girl

You were the one I thought I needed
I’m better off alone
Everybody knows it’s true
They know all you secrets
The only thing you knew was true
I’ve just walked out of your life
How does it feel

So I’ll wait for her to come
She won’t break my heart
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I woke up, on my roof, with my brothers
There’s a whale, in the pool, with my mother
And my dad paints the house, different colors
Where would we be, if we couldn’t dream

And I know
We get a little crazy
And I know
We get a little loud
And I know
We’re never gonna fake it
We are wild
We are free
We are mais than you think
So call us freaks
But that’s just the way we roll

You got moves, I’ve got shoes, let’s go dancing
Pop and lock, battle dance (Battle dance), against Hanson
If we lose, all the girls, they’ll be laughing
Where would we be, if we couldn’t dream

And I know
We get a little crazy
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We don’t have time left to regret
Hold on
It will take mais than common sense
Hold on
So stop your wondering take a stand
Hold on
‘Cause there’s mais to life than just to live
Hold on

‘Cause an empty room can be so loud
There’s too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on

One single smile a helping hand
Hold on
It’s not that hard to be a friend
Hold on
So don’t give up stand till the end
Hold on
‘Cause there’s mais to life than just to live
Hold on

‘Cause an empty room can be so loud
There’s too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on
When you...
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Told you I made jantar plans
For you and me and no one else
That don’t include your crazy friends
Well I’m done (I’m done)
With awkward situations, empty conversations

This is an S.O.S.
Don’t wanna segundo guess
This is the bottom line
It’s true
I gave my all for you
Now my heart’s in two
And I can’t find the other half
It’s like I’m walking on broken glass
Better believe I bled
It’s a call I’ll never get

So this is where the story ends
A conversation on I.M.
Well I’m done (I’m done)
With texting, sorry for the miscommunication

This is an S.O.S.
Don’t wanna segundo guess
This is...
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Here we go
Little louder, now
Lookin’ progressivo, para a frente from center stage
To graduation day
Time to get the future started
What we leave
What we
Take with us
No matter what
It’s something we’re part of
We learn to fly
Together side por side
I just hope the rest of my life
Will feel as good as my
High School Musical
Who says we have to let it go
It’s the best part we’ve ever known
Step into the future, but hold on to
High School Musical
Let’s celebrate where we come from
The friends who’ve...
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It’s our last chance to share the stage
Before we go our separate ways
High School wasn’t meant to last forever
It’s our last chance for us to shine
To bring you música one mais time
So come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on

W-I-L-D, Wildcats
You know you’re on
W-I-L-D, Wildcats
C’mon, c’mon
East High boys
Let’s make some noise
Oh, yeah
W-I-L-D, Wildcats
Now’s the time
This is the last time to get it right
This is the last chance to make it our night
We gotta show what we’re all about
Work together...
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Something about your style got me freakin’ out
Hey boy, oi boy
Gotta make you mine and there ain’t no doubt
Hey boy, oi boy
You’re really laid back and you play it smooth
Hey boy, oi boy
I see the way you mover from across the room and I know I’m tripping on you, oh

Boy I’m feeling something real and
I don’t know what to do
So excited, I can’t hide it
Got my eyes on you

You got me goin’ crazy
Want to be your baby
I don’t know what to do
I can’t take my eyes off you
You got me goin’ crazy
It’s just the way you’re moving
I really wish you knew, what you do
I can’t take my eyes off...
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Zoom zoom in under my skin
Gotta slow down now to begin
Baby don’t rush you can look but don’t touch

You think u know
When u see me in my videos
How the story goes
But that’s just the side that I expose
Look through the lens
You see my body, not who I am
So don’t pretend
And try to act like you’re my boyfriend

U wanna get somewhere
Then boy don’t touch me there
Just get up close and personal, personal

Zoom zoom in under my skin
Gotta slow down now to begin
Baby don’t rush you can look but don’t touch
Zoom zoom
In to my head
Gotta know me to be my man
Boy prove your love
You can look but don’t...
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The dia a door is closed
The echoes fill your soul
They won’t say which way to go
Just trust your heart
To find what you’re here for
Open another door
But I’m not sure anymore
It’s just so hard

Voices in my head
Tell me they know best
Got me on the edge
They’re pushing, pushing, they’re pushing
I know they’ve got a plan
But the ball’s in my hands
This time is man to man
I’m driving, fighting inside, a
(World that’s upside down)
And spinning faster
What do I do now without you

I don’t know where to go
What’s the right team
I want my own thing
So bad I’m gonna scream
I can’t choose,...
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I’m not the girl that you see in the magazine
Perfect face and perfect body
Never be anyone but the one I am, one I am
I can’t bend to your expectations
Live to fulfill any fantasy
If what I am is what you need

Love me for me
And not for someone that I would never be
‘Cause what you get is what you see
And I can’t be any mais than what I am
Love me for me or don’t amor me (Or don’t amor me)

Don’t think you’re gonna change what’s inside of me
Make me who you want me to be
Won’t be someone I’m not for somebody else, someone else
Love me with all my imperfections
Not for an image of your...
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(I gotta get some baby
Won’t you show me some baby
I gotta get some baby)
Show me some positivity
Show me some positivity (Oh, ooh, yeah)

From where I stand I see
A world of possibilities
So don’t be going negative on me oo baby yeah
Love is hard
That’s alright
Give it time
It’s worth the ride
You know
It’s all in the way you

You’re lookin’ at me
I’m lookin’ at you
What mais do you want
Show me some positivity
It’s all that I got
It’s leading me on
Can’t leave it alone
Show me some positivity
You’re makin’ it harder
Than it has to be
So won’t u please show me (He,e,e,e)
Some positivity...
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I guess I should’ve known better
To believe that my luck had changed (Luck had changed)
I let my coração and forever
Finally learn each other’s names (Each other’s names)
I tell myself this time is different
No goodbyes ‘cause I can’t urso to say
I’d never survive the one that’s coming
If I stay, oh no

Just walk away
Oh, and don’t look back
‘Cause if my coração breaks
It’s gonna hurt so bad
You know I’m strong
But I can’t take that
Before it’s too late
Oh, just walk away
(Walk, walk, walk away)
Ooo, just walk away
(Walk, walk, walk away)
Aaay, ay-yeah

I really wish I could blame...
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Take it back to the place
Where you know it all began
We could be anything we wanna be
We can tell por the noise
That the boys are back again
Together making history
It’s time to show how
To be a super hero
Just like a showdown
Will Smith and Bobby DeNiro
We’re the best, no doubt
Doin’ it like we used to do
This is our town
And I’m telling you
The boys are back, hey
The boys are back
The boys are back, gonna do it again
Gonna wake up the neighborhood
The boys are back, yeah
The boys are back
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