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(Ooooh, yeah)
Dream of a dia when the songs that you play
Are blasting through the speakers in your car
Then it comes in a flash and you hear the crowd
Screaming out your name for the encore

Livin’ life
Life in the fast lane
Not that bad
No, we can’t complain
Who’s to say
That we won’t keep it real
Hold on tight
Don’t you dare let go
Now’s the time, let the whole world know
You can shine bright but still keep it real

Who could know that you’d be on the road
Selling out the tickets to your show
And when you’re início you’re still the one
You were before you left to go on tour, whoo

Livin’ life...
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Yeah, ohhowhoaoh
He sends a friend
To ask me if I’m interested
I see you coming my way with a smile
You say, “He’s the guy, you caught his eye
But he’s afraid to come over he’s a little shy so
Why don’t you come talk for a while”
But I see your smile baby
The messenger may take the prize
And you see the look in my eyes

I’d rather be with you, baby
You know what you’re doing to me (What you’re doing) yeah
You’re the one, the only one
That sets it all on fire
Yeah you, baby
And I can see you wanna be with me
And yeah you know what I’m saying is true
I’d rather be with you

It’s you and...
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(Ay ay ay ay ay ay a-a-ay
Woohoo woohoo
Ay ay ay ay ay ay a-a-ay
Woohoo woohoo)

I'm alone, it's just me
And I'm watching TV and I'm always
Oh so bored at home
I get up I get out drive my car
Way down town
Keep on calling but you're never around
See my friends out tonight
Under these city lights
In the club
Till someone starts a fight
Then we get in the car
Still don't know where you are
I'm so pissed off
Always hanging around

I'm so tired
You're fired

I'm so jealous, reatless, relentless
That's just me
I'm so crazy lately c'mon and
Let it be
Don't make me beg for the things
I need
You know what they say
Where there's...
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I don't claim to know it all
I've had some wins I've had some falls
The road is long and time is short
I don't wanna spend too much time in thought
I don't intend to play it safe
I've gotta mover to find my place
I wasn't born for small talk crowds
I know what I want and it's not in this town
I don't wanna just survive
I'm gonna hit the road I'm gonna drive

I've hit the highway, and I'm not comin' home
I'm gonna drive
I'll do it my way, I'll call you on the phone
When I arrive
It's all I got and I'm not gonna stop for no one
In my way as long as I'm alive
I'm gonna drive

Everything I said I meant, nothing comes...
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