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Justice League:
Batman - Kevin Conroy
Flash - Michael Rosenbaum
Martian Manhunter - Dorian Harewood
Hawkgirl - Maria Canals
Aquaman - John O'Hurley
Wonder Woman - Susan Eisenberg
Green Lantern/John Stewart - Phil LaMarr
Superman - George Newbern
Injustice League:
Lex Luthor - Jim Ward
Joker - Jim Cummings
Cheetah - Cree Summer
Sinestro - Xander Berkeley
Gorilla Grodd - Carl Lumbly
Black Manta - Michael Leon Wooley
Ma'alefa'k J'onzz - Jonathan Adams
Crime Syndicate of America:
Ultraman - Steven Weber
Owlman - Anthony Ruivivar
Superwoman - Olivia d'Abo
Power Ring - Will Friedle
Slipstream - Michael...
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posted by funkyrach01
This is my list featuring my 20 hottest DC males in my opinion(as a girl) .

20.Black Adam




16.Captain Marvel



13.Arthur Joseph Curry

12.Green Lantern Kyle Rayner


10.Beast Boy

9.Kid Flash


7.Green Lantern Hal Jordan


5.Green Arrow

4.Roy Harper

3.Richard Grayson


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Yvonne Craig was a major actress in the 1960s.
She got the honor of playing Batgirl in the 1960s
Batman live action show.

Batman and Robin were created a long time before Batgirl. batman was created in 1939 and Robin was created in 1940. Barbra Gordon wasn't the first Batgirl. There was a different Batgirl who had a different real name and personality.

If you're a fã of Barbra Gordon's Batgirl then you should know who William Dozier and Yvonne Craig are. Bill Dozier was the show's creator as well as Barbra Gordon's creator. He's the one who convinced DC Comics to have Barbra Gordon be a regular...
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This is my list featuring my 20 favourite couples (canon/fanon) in DC Comics..

20.Gnarrk and Lilith

19.Aquaman and Mera

18.Deathstroke and Adeline Kane

17.Roy Harper and Cheshire

16.Jericho and Raven

15.Superboy and Wonder Girl

14.Deathstroke and Terra

13.Richard Grayson and Starfire

12.Jericho and Kole

11.Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Donna Troy

10.Green Lantern Hal Jordan and estrela Sapphire

9.Batman and Wonder Woman

8.Flash and Linda Park-West

7.Speedy and Aqualad

6.Green Arqueiro and Black Canary

5.Joker and Harley
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This is my list featuring my 20 prettiest DC females in my opinion(as a girl).




17.Lilith Clay

16.Phantom Girl




12.Star Sapphire

11.Poison Ivy

10.Mary Marvel


8.Wonder Woman


6.Harley Quinn

5.Donna Troy

4.Cassandra Sandsmark


2.Black Canary

1.Barbara Gordon
Below is a list of my topo, início five (5) favorito episodes from Season One (1993-1994) of "LOIS AND CLARK: The New Adventures of Superman". Developed for televisão por Deborah Joy LeVine, the series starred Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher:


1. (1.12) "All Shook Up" - After preventing an asteroid from impacting upon Earth, Clark Kent/Superman loses his memory and forgets how to use his powers. Martha and Jonathan Kent arrive to help Clark regain his memory, so that he can become super-homem and stop a fragment of the asteroid...
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I just recently re-watched the Season One episode of "ARROW" called (1.20) "Home Invasion".

RUMINATIONS ON "ARROW" (1.20) "Home Invasion"

Ever since his return after spending five years marooned on a South China island, Oliver queen has been going after corrupt men whom his late father, Robert Queen, believed was destroying his hometown, estorninho City via crime fighting activities as the vigilante, the Green Arqueiro (or "the Hood"). Following the destruction of the family's yacht, the Queen's Gambit, Robert handed Oliver a list of powerful and/or corrupt men whom he believed were dangers to the...
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A lot of things in the latest cinematic DC Universe seem to irritate people. Some of those things irritate me as well, but what irritates me mais is the number of complaints about things in this universe that are totally ok and make sense. So I'll be going through these problems with Man of Steel and batman v super-homem and explaining why they're actually problems with the people watching the movies. I will rank them based on how much they annoy me. THERE WILL (obviously) BE SPOILERS.

#6: The Killings

Something about these filmes that made a lot of commotion was when super-homem broke Zod's neck,...
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posted by DR76

I am another moviegoer who is getting sick and tired of the regarding Marvel/Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films and Warner Brothers/D.C. Comics’ D.C. Extended Universe (DCEU) films. I have come across artigos in which fãs of both movie universes have accused the other of excessive bashing.

I never understood this rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics movie franchises. To be honest, I find it unnecessary. And I believe today's audiences are getting too caught up in this so-called rivalry, thanks to the media, the studios and the two comic book conglomerates....
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Five years ago, Christopher Nolan's three-movie saga about the D.C. Comics character, Batman, finally came to an end. The saga that began seven years earlier with 2005's "BATMAN BEGINS", ended with 2012's "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES".

Set seven years after 2008's "THE DARK KNIGHT", "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES" began with the aerial kidnapping of a nuclear scientist por an escaped terrorist named Bane. The scene shifted to Gotham City, where a fund-raiser was being held at Wayne Manor. The only person missing was millionaire Bruce Wayne, who had given up his vigilante...
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Here is my topo, início 5 male Dc Comics superheroes.
Remember this is my list and my opinion.

 Clark Kent/Kal-El - super-homem
Clark Kent/Kal-El - Superman

#5 are Clark Kent Superman
The first superhero that was created and one of the three first that I knew about.
Superman was my nr 1 favorito for a while but then I got tired of the fact that he had too much powers, this is a double edged sword since I both like and dislike him because of his powers.
Even so I still think that he is a great character and that is why he is at fifth place.

 Hal Jordan - Green Lantern
Hal Jordan - Green Lantern

#4 is Hal Jordan The Green Lantern
The reason why he is on this...
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Batman, Batgirl, Flash, and Wonder Woman had been standing in front of the unbreakable stone barrier. Suddenly a blast broke through the stone barrier. I thought you said this stone mural was unbreakable? asked Batgirl It is unless Joker was doing that to mess with us. said batman You are correct. said Joker stepping out from behind the wall. Now, now. Wasting your time fighting me is useless. said Joker, leaving. After returning to his lair, Joker decided it was time to recruit a personal enemy of Green Lantern to help him with his evil deeds. Harley, meet our newest recruit, Sinestro. said...
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Below is a list of my topo, início five (5) favorito episodes from Season Three (1995-1996) of "LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN". The series starred Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher:


1. (3.17) "Seconds" - In this finale of a three-episode arc about Clark Kent and Lois Lane's aborted wedding, Clark races to find Lex Luthor and an amnesiac Lois before the former billionaire can convince her to kill Clark and leave Metropolis forever.

2. (3.13) "The Dad Who Came in From the Cold" - A visit from Jimmy Olsen's...
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posted by DR76
"RED 2" (2013) Review

The 2010 adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's comic book series proved to be very popular at the box office. Yet, I was surprised that it took another three years for the sequel, "RED 2" to be released in the movie theaters. Unless the movie in pergunta is part of the estrela WARS franchise, it usually takes two years or less for a sequel to appear on the scene.

"RED 2" picks up a few years after "RED", which finds ex-C.I.A. agent Frank Moses trying to lead a normal life with his girlfriend, Sarah Ross. The effort seems to be a strain for both, although Frank seems...
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Several actors have played Batman. There have been over five live action versions of batman as well as various voice actors. People often discuss about which batman actor is the best. I think that the best is Adam West.

1. Adam West stood out mais than any other batman actor

Adam West got to play batman in a show that lasted over 100 episodes. That gave him plenty of time for his version of batman to be memorable. Later on he got to voice batman in desenhos animados which gave him a chance to play various versions of Batman. All of his performances as batman are a memorable treat.

The other live action...
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The first actor that played the Riddler was Frank Gorshin. The Riddler has been played por various actors who were very talented, but I think that Mr. Gorshin is the best.

The Riddler was in the first couple episodes of the 1966 batman show. In those episodes Mr. Gorshin gave a scene stealing performance. His performance was so good that the Riddler ended up being the main antagonist of the first season. He actually showed up mais than the Joker did in the first season. Joker and pinguim both appeared in six episodes (three arcs that were all two episodes long), but the Riddler appeared in 8...
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Below is a list of my five favorito episodes from Season One of the CW series, "ARROW". Created por Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg; the series stars Stephen Amell as Oliver queen aka the Arrow:

FIVE favorito EPISODES OF "ARROW" SEASON ONE (2012-2013)

1. (1.23) "Sacrifice" - In the season finale, Oliver queen aka the Arqueiro and his friends struggle to stop Malcolm Merlyn's plans to destroy estorninho City's working-class neighborhood, the Glades.

2. (1.16) "Dead to Rights" - The queen and Merlyn families become embroiled in Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot's attempt to kill Malcolm,...
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"MAN OF STEEL" (2013) Review

When I first learned that Warner Brothers Studios and D.C. Comics planned to release another super-homem movie, I did not greet the news with any enthusiasm. In fact, my first reaction was sheer frustration. The last D.C. Comics movie I wanted to see was another super-homem movie.

There were so many reasons for my negative reaction to the news of a new super-homem movie. The last one I saw was 2006's "SUPERMAN RETURNS", which had been directed por Bryan Singer. There had also been two televisão series about the Man of Steel in the past twenty (20) years - "LOIS AND CLARK:...
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posted by Candy77019
Here's a list I made of my favorito DC Comics sidekicks. If you think otherwise, you could comment upon it, but please don't send some hate comments.

5. Kid Flash

Something about his personality just speaks to me. He acts EXACTLY like his guardian, with the same spunk Flash has. He could be Flash's little brother for all we know.

4. Batgirl

First of all, Batgirl didn't even ASK batman to be his sidekick. Personally, I don't really think she's his sidekick, but just running her own business just like him. Batgirl has the same style and technique like the Bats himself. Although, she gave me some...
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I've heard from a lot of places that batman can supposedly take out the whole rest of the Justice League por himself. I'll admit, I don't read the comics too much, but I watch everything from DC, and I've read wiki pages and other artigos por professionals, so I know what I'm talking about. (Mostly. Feel free to correct me if I am LOGICALLY wrong. If it's just your opinion, don't try and say that that makes me wrong.) So, batman can take out the whole JL. Or can he? I've been thinking on it for a while, and I'm not quite sure he can. He'd lose a straight-up fight to practically anyone else on...
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