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The fans pick: ISFJ like Anneliese
The fans pick: barbie
The fans pick: 1. A tie between Anneliese and Erika
1. A tie between Anneliese and...
2. Julian
The fans pick: 1. Genevieve
1. Genevieve
2. Fallon
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big smile
WilliamBinh15 said …
WOW! New ícone and banner. amor IT!!! <3 Too busy with my work and im not online for almost 6 months :)) Now i have a plan to record all of episodes of Dreamhouse Adventures season 2, and I'll re-upload season 1 to 1080p also. Maybe i'll share download link and upload whole 2 seasons on youtube for you. STAY TUNE! ;) Posted faz 3 dias
mhikari said …
Happy new ano to everyone
and here's 2 pergunta for this year.
1.any info for future films?
2.any one know where can find BD or 1080P level copies of older films(I.E. the ones that was originally released as DVD/VHS) I seems can't find BD relases in my area. Posted faz 13 dias
mhikari commented…
OK, so apearly no one ahve any new info so far...I guess..... faz 2 dias
BarbieRosella said …
Happy New ano to everyone!

I have a question. Do any of you have those barbie soundtrack that they sell in German? I googled "Barbie Das Original-Horspiel Zum Film" and they just showed a lot of barbie soundtracks there. I tried to find the one for Rapunzel but no luck, same with cisne Lake and I'm kinda sad there isn't.

So, do any of you have or bought those? I'm really curious! Posted faz 18 dias
BarbieRosella commented…
No luck on Princess and The Pauper as well but we had the album for the anyway. faz 18 dias
nmdis commented…
Happy New Year! I wanted album of these filmes as well although in English :( faz 18 dias