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iceprincess7492 posted on Oct 14, 2012 at 10:52PM
To all my Angels out there, I'm in need of names for my main character in one of my novels! Not just any name, but one which has a meaning that falls under any of these categories:

1. Hope
2. Light
3. Grace
4. Pure
5. Life

Or anything similar to these! The name can be of any origin so feel free to pitch in as many idea's as you can! Also there are some letters which don't need to be used like - B, J, O, P, U, W, X, Y, Z! Thank you girls!!!! ^___^

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over a year ago iceprincess7492 said…
Since I have found a few names already I'll add my list first!

Name - Meaning:

1. Amira - Princess

2. Alisha - Protected by God

3. Nadia - Hope

4. Evelina - Life

5. Syrena - Enchanter

6. Annika - Grace

7. Danica - Morning Star
over a year ago IngridPresley said…
I've found some names that fit according to your exigency and I'll point my favorite in each case:

1. Diana - Princess

2. Amethyst - Protected by God

3. Asha - Hope

4 - Liv - Life

5. Syrena is my favorite name which means Enchanter! Please, keep with this name...It's beautiful!

6. Annabelle - Grace

7. Danica is the only one I found for Morning Star...But also you can use Danika ;)

8. Cindy - Light

9. Catherine - Pure

By the way, if it helps...My name means warrior! If you have a strong or determinated character to give a name, you can use mine! :D
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over a year ago iceprincess7492 said…
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wow!! thanks a lot for these names Ingrid!!! i'm definitely thinking of using Syrena and i probably will use your name for a character if i need one that means warrior!! ^__^
over a year ago IngridPresley said…
You're welcome, Anj! I hope it has helped you!
That's Ok! I'd be way too happy with you used mine! Personally I don't think it's that beautiful, but on the other hand the meaning is amazing! :D
over a year ago iceprincess7492 said…
hahaha.... well even if i don't use your name in the story itself i'm obviously adding it to the names of friends in the Acknowledgements!!
over a year ago rakshasa said…
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Aquene - peace/light

Izusa - spirit/life

Kimi - secret/pure

Koko - of the wind/night

Magena - moon/grace

Nakoma - great worrior of great spirit

Nina - strong/independent

Sunki - tiara/stunning

Taima - thunder

Meda - Prophetess

Aiyanna - Eternal Blossom

Powaqa - witch (though not used often...I wonder why)
over a year ago iceprincess7492 said…
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oooo i like these names!! their meanings are wonderful too!! thanks a lot Jezzi!!!! ^___^
over a year ago twilighter4evr said…
Esperanza - "hope, expectation"

Elena - "sun ray, shining light"

Ciana - "light"

Analeigh - "Grace. favor."

Carissa - "Grace" (this is also my niece's name)

Carina - "Pure"

Caitlynn - "Variant of Katherine meaning pure"

Eva - "variant of Eve which means life or living things" (my sister's name)

I see if i can come up with more later ♥♥
over a year ago iceprincess7492 said…
woooow!!! thanks for these!! ^___^