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Essence38154 gave me props for my images
Hello How are you? Posted over a year ago
big smile
kbrand5333 said about Ichabod and Abbie
#7 for me! Posted over a year ago
Brucas4evr said …
Are you on tumblr? amor all of you fanfics BTW. Posted over a year ago
kbrand5333 commented…
I am not on tumblr. I have enough things sucking my time as it is! Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying them! over a year ago
Is there any interest in some Sleepy Hollow fanfiction? Specifically, Ichabod/Abbie fanfiction? I write, and I have an idea, so... Posted over a year ago
karlyluvsam commented…
yea there has been fanfiction since the first eps over a year ago
Moonlightrose16 commented…
I've been curious too! I have yet to find any on over a year ago
kbrand5333 commented…
I know, dear, but no thanks. I have enough things sucking up my time. I'm fine with just perusing and leitura there. over a year ago
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☆Thanks for the add back ^_^
& Nice to meet you Posted over a year ago
kbrand5333 commented…
Thanks! Nice to meet you, too! over a year ago
I may have found something to fill the void left por "Merlin." Posted over a year ago
kbrand5333 said about Warehouse 13
Holy crap, is that Anthony Head? My Merlin world is colliding with Warehouse 13! Posted over a year ago
KshMcKenzie commented…
What he joined the show I have to check up and who the hell is this AlexJean guy creepy. over a year ago
AlexJean said …
be my fã then i will do something for you of your choice Posted over a year ago
arthurlover7 gave me props for my answers
Thank you for all the respostas you have given me, with all my questions. I really appriciate you taking time to answer me and help me out. Posted over a year ago
kbrand5333 commented…
Anytime, dear! over a year ago
kbrand5333 said about arthur e gwen
Watching 5x03 right now. Uther is such a douche. I just can't even. Posted over a year ago
kbrand5333 commented…
And yet despite that, despite Gwen's scenes being cut, I do kind of like the episode. over a year ago
HPMad commented…
Watching mine on BBC3 over a year ago
MissChicky97 commented…
Yes, I really liked that episode a lot. I feel like it villianized Uther quite a lot, and I'm not sure if I liked or disliked that factor. over a year ago