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Shannaro101 said about disney princesas
I haven't been on here since the summer! What's up? Posted over a year ago
hajirah4 commented…
Lots of things. Well we have a few new topics on the Forum, like the nominations for Cinderella. over a year ago
Mongoose09 commented…
welcome back! over a year ago
I amor this movie. Posted over a year ago
zeiva commented…
lol over a year ago
zeiva commented…
i amor sally's and jack's amor story over a year ago
zeiva commented…
jack over a year ago
Shannaro101 said about disney
Hi I just joined the club. Posted over a year ago
Shannaro101 said about disney princesas
how do you put pictures in your article? Posted over a year ago
milky-way commented…
At the bottom it has options for adding images. If you want to spread the pictures through the article, upload them under the bottom image option, then the tips on the right side tell you how to position them in the article. over a year ago
Shannaro101 commented…
thanks over a year ago
ajotma gave me props for my comments
Hi there! Posted over a year ago
Shannaro101 said about disney princesas
I'm making a countdown called Best disney Princess Role Model. Posted over a year ago
pretty_angel92 commented…
there's already two artigos about that over a year ago
Shannaro101 commented…
are they recent? and why couldn't i make my own? i've read about people making their own when there were others. over a year ago
phantomrose89 commented…
I just wrote that artigo two months ago. over a year ago
Shannaro101 said about disney princesas
Hey, I'm new here, so I don't know anything about you guys, and I'm kinda out of the loop anyway. I don't want people getting mad if I do something wrong because I've only been here for a little over a week. Posted over a year ago
Takuya commented…
Welcome and don't worry everyone has been new. over a year ago
blablablu95 commented…
Welcome! over a year ago
iHyrule commented…
Hola :) over a year ago