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PrueFever gave me props for my images
Any chance I could get you to vote and maybe leave a comment in this disney pesquisa I made here:


I'm trying to get this pesquisa to the topo, início Spot in my Club and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) Posted over a year ago
MadameLee said about once upon a time
I posted an artigo explaing about historical context to explain some stuff I thought I needed explaing in regards to Once. Posted over a year ago
MadameLee said about once upon a time
Hello I'm new to this fanop (but I been a fã of OUAT since Season 2). I'm thinking of composição literária a history related artigo if it hasn' t been written yet about stuff that I have seen other people complaing about. elsewhere (aka why is pre-dark Rumple view as a coward) what would be a could título for it? Posted over a year ago
zanhar1 commented…
Welcome to the site. Maybe you could call it something like Rumplestilskin: Coward Or Not. over a year ago
MadameLee commented…
thanks. I posted the artigo over a year ago
RoseOfRapunzel gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Welcome to fanpop! I'm Jen, I saw your comment on my article. Not many people hate or dislike Ariel. You made a good point there, though she isn't my personal favorite. I still amor her much. Anyways, I hope we can become friends, if you have perguntas I have an open door! Posted over a year ago
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shanyuisboss gave me props for my comments
Welcome to fanpop! I'm Aliyah, and I see that you amor the 90s princesses like me. I go crazy for mulan and Shan Yu, and I think you will have lots of fun here! Posted over a year ago
MadameLee commented…
thanks over a year ago
MadameLee said …
Anyone have ideas for personalities for nine princesses (and their 'princes') for a story I'm composição literária and also what would be their different dreams? The story is about a family's line being cursed for nine generations. It starts with Sleeping Beauty's parents and ends with Snow White's gettng married Posted over a year ago
MadameLee commented…
if people want mais detailed for the story please ask! I don't mind spoiling details over a year ago
prussiaducky gave me props for my polls
Hi!!! Welcome to fanpop, nice to meet you, and I hope we can be great friends :) Posted over a year ago
prussiaducky commented…
If you have any perguntas or just want to talk, you can always ask me :D over a year ago
MadameLee commented…
thanks! over a year ago