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DeiJambastion said about aleatório
I wish mais cheap canned comida had tabs for opening them. Opening them with a normal can opener can be pain... Posted faz 5 meses
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
Last time I checked, some do. (But I don't know which grocery store you go, so...) faz 5 meses
DeiJambastion said about aleatório
*Deep breath* C H E E S E! Posted faz 5 meses
Windwakerguy430 commented…
yes faz 5 meses
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
C O l B Y J A C K C H E E S E faz 5 meses
DeiJambastion said about aleatório
Feeling nauseous, hot, and anxious is awful. Imma prolly just... sleep... I'm usually up at 12 anyways... and hopefully I'll feel better... Posted faz 5 meses
TheLefteris24 commented…
Sleep can do wonders. Get some good rest. Hope you feel better soon !!!! faz 5 meses