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Axel1313 gave me props for my comments
It's been too long, if you remember me at all from aleatório role playing that is x3 have a prop! Posted over a year ago
Hades_Shadow said …
Just wanted to let you know, I’m making a Ghost Pokemon team! Posted over a year ago
SkittleJerky14 said …
What are you always posting on your wall? Posted over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir said …
URIU #2 (NOTE: all Universal Races I Use are in the same timeline, but they're mostly on different planets)


On this planet, 89% of the planet is covered in Water, though this is only the surface, underneath the Mantle there are unimaginable amounts of Resources, which the Aquentians used to build their cities, tall structures emerging out from the water, the Aquentians are almost as Advanced as the Nekokamunes, but only because 1 Nekokamune created Time travel Tech. Posted over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir said …

Nekokamunes: Characters

i currently have 6 different Nekokamunes

Aquenta Posted over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir said …

Nekokamunes Part 4

Nekokamune's family line doesn't have last names, instead, their family line uses a specifiic phrase in their first name, take my main Nekokamune for example, Arcanine, his family name is Arcan, as you can tell from him and his sisters name, Arcanine and Arcananni.

Arcanine's father is Arcoduke, the current High Priest, and his mother is Haanui, they combined the 'an' in 'Haan' and the 'Arc' in the father's name to create 'Arcan' Posted over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir said …
Universal Races I Use(URIU) #1

Nekokamunes Part 3

- to advance their lives, the regular people of the Nekokamunes dislike these Outkasts, but the Nekokamune race is not one that abandons their people, whilst the Kamunes live in the big cities and towns, the Outkasts live in small little hubs built por the outkasts themselves outside of the big cities, and are allowed inside the Big Cities but only with permission from a residence INSIDE the cities. Posted over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir said …
Universal Races I Use(URIU) #1

Nekokamunes Part 2

Nekokamune Society is dividido, dividir into 3 categories,

Outkasts, Kamunes and Others

Kamunes are the regular population of the Nekokamune race, these are the people that beleive in their God, Nekoka, and use magic, the towns, cities and Civilizations of the Nekokamune is looked after and ruled por the High Priest and Priests.

Outkasts are those that, instead of beleiving in Magic or the Nekoka god, use science and machines- Posted over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir said …
Universal Races I Use(URIU) #1


FAR into the future, when humans have expanded beyond their galaxy and rules most of the earth, a race of highly intelligent beings known as Nekokamunes, had their homeworld invaded and destroyed por their own machines, Humans were no longer caring that much for Earth, and so, they allowed the Nekokamunes to inhabit Earth, so the Nekokamunes gladly took the offer.

Each Nekokamune has their own special racial ability, as some might see from mine. Posted over a year ago