Zachary Levi TO THE SPOT CREATOR!!!!!

misanthrope86 posted on Oct 03, 2008 at 02:03AM
I would like to run a pick to choose a new spot icon. Would you be willing to change it when we pick a new icon?


Zachary Levi 4 replies

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over a year ago meme6 said…
ive changed the spot icon and i made a new banner , i hope it looks good .
if its not , inform me , ill try to make a new better one ;)
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
big smile
Ok, so you are the spot creator then?

No, I love it! I think the new icon/banner is great! But if other people don't like it, then I guess we can change it. But honestly, I'm pretty much the only person on this spot most of the time, so I don't think anyone will want to change it.
over a year ago meme6 said…
yes i am .
i am glad you like it, & thanks for all the updates you are doing in this spot , you are absolutely amazing :)
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
big smile
Thanks! I kinda assumed I was the only one here becuse no one ever rates anything or comments, but it is good to know that someone else is here! LOL!