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(The shabby fluorescents shine high up above the floor, hanging from a crossbeam.)
Crow: Did that cooling rod work? We in business?
(Below, Yusei is kneeling beside an unfamiliar red runner, tinkering with something; Jack and corvo are standing over Yusei and the runner on the opposite side.)
Yusei: Yup! (stands up) Thanks for tracking it down!
Akiza: Tracking what down?
(All three guys look up; standing on the ramp that leads from their front door down into the garagem is Akiza, wearing a sleek, form-fitting red riding suit edged in black. She looks even a bit sheepish at her flashy new turbo-dueling...
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(Eight years has passed since Akiza Izinski, 26, left New Domino City, her birthplace, her parents, her friends and the place where she says goodbye to Yusei Fudo, now 27. The night they have spent together before they say goodbye to each other. Akiza was trying to confess her feelings to Yusei, but she decided not to, making her having thoughts to study to become a doctor and she doesn't want to leave him knowing how she feel, as Yusei shares his feelings to her, he held her hand, they looked into each other's eyes, she thought that his blue eyes are beautiful, he leaned closer to her as she...
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(The dark signer war is over and the signers won. New Domino City is connecting to The Satellite.)
(One day, Akiza is visiting The Rose Garden in New Domino City. The red, purple, rosa, -de-rosa and white rosas are really beautiful and Akiza loved them and she smiled at them.)
Akiza: (thinking) The rose garden is so beautiful every day. I wish I can share this with someone I've cared about, helping him and... amor him.
(She closed her eyes as she thought her first and segundo duels with Yusei, about her signer mark that she connected with the Signers and Leo and about Yusei. She didn't notice someone walked...
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Here's French Twist (Part 1)
Akiza: How are you talking about fast comida right now?! What if Crow's right and something awful's happened to Yusei!!
(Cut-screen; Jack and corvo both gasp, struck silent. End cut-screen, and Akiza sits back in the passenger assento of Mina's open-top jeep. Mina glances over at her while driving, looking slightly worried about her.)
Akiza: Ugh! Man, these yahoos!
Mina: I'm sure Yusei's okay. So, he didn't call corvo back. No big deal.
Crow (via radio): Well, actually-- It's not just that. I also got this really weird message at the garage.
(Flashback. All we see is a machine...
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(Akiza went into the empty room of the dance club; she's hiding from Yusei on the sofá because she kissed her date, Alejandro. Yusei opened the door to see Akiza hiding on the couch.)
Yusei: (sternly) Come out. Now. (Akiza came out from the couch) Akiza... what were you thinking?!
Akiza: He's my date, Yusei! He's the sweetest person I knew! You know what? You're jealous of me and Alejandro dating!
Yusei: What?!
Akiza: You know what I'm taking about!
Yusei: I'm not jealous! I don't like that he likes you.
Akiza: (in a sing-song voice) That's called jealousy.
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Yusei: (to Akiza) So you up for finishing this duel?
Akiza: You'd better believe it. I've never seen a turbo-duel from this point of view; I wanna see how it ends! That, and I don't trust this girl; and if she tries to pull something, I wanna be there to help! So let's mover it!
Yusei: All righty then. Just hang on tight!
(Yusei takes off once again, riding after Sherry.)
Akiza (think): Now she has the power to take out Turbo Warrior on her seguinte turn! Unless--
(She expectantly looks down at Yusei.)
Akiza (to Yusei): Talk to me. What is your strategy here? Well?!
(Yusei ignores Akiza and...
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(The story starts takes place before episode 96 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. The WRGP is almost here!)
(The man named Alejandro Gomez has long-short black-brown hair came here into the guys' place. Yusei, Jack, corvo and Bruno ust finished the engines and isnow ready for WRGP.)
Alejandro: Hola, everyone.
Crow: Who are you?
Jack: (whispers to Crow) I hope it's not a duel-bot.
Crow: (whispers to Jack) It's not a duel-bot.
Alejandro: I'm Alejandro Gomez.
Bruno: He's speaking spanish, guys. Maybe he's from Mexico.
Crow: Of course!
Yusei: Whatcha need?
Alejandro: I'm looking for a young, charming senorita.
Crow: And...
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