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What do YOU think is the topo, início ten most epic moments so far in YJI?

From 10 to 1, like this:

10. 16 Hours (Ep. 1 "Happy New Year" FLASHBACK)
9. Destruction of Melina Island (Ep. 3 "Alienated")
8. Aqualad Revealed (Ep. 3 "Alienated")
7. 40 Years Later... (Ep. 6 "Bloodlines")
6. 'This is Necessary!' (Ep. 1 "Happy New Year")
5. Wives and Girlfriends (Ep. 4 "Salvage")
4. Escape from Bialya (Ep. 5 "Beneath")
3. The Secret (Ep. 7 "Depths")
2. New Team (Ep. 1 "Happy New Year")
1. Artemis's Death (Ep. 7 "Depths")
At first i really thought Aqualad was evil because the amor of his life got killed! Sooooo relived that hes still good and just working undercover!
ecoelo posted over a year ago
 66Dragons posted over a year ago
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APWBD112 said:
episode 6 and 7....
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posted over a year ago 
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