Xbox HOW TO-x box neon controllers

GONZOLAND posted on Dec 05, 2008 at 01:25AM
I want to teach you how to make a neon controller for x-box.

1)Unscrew the back of your controller(remember one screw is under the sticker).
2)Look to the back of the memory card slot to find a 5 pined box
3)Take your fave color neon diode and solder(or you can just wrap the wire around the pin with needle nose pliers)
4) - wire is attached to the 1st pin in the block and the + to the last(5th pin)
5)Plugin and test
6)Screw the back on and TA_DA

You can get these on e-bay for about £15-25...But i just taught you for a £2 for a neon and 10 mins of time.

If you would like some pic's to help you with this go to my page(lolz it old-old gamer tagg)then click link

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