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posted by DR76
"X-MEN" (2000) Review

If anyone had asked me what was the first genuine superhero film, based upon Marvel Comics characters, my choice would be the 2000 flick, "X-MEN". In fact, I suspect that it was the first Marvel film ever shown in the movie theaters. Its success spawned a series of superhero films that continue to this day.

Based upon the Marvel Comics series, the plot for "X-MEN" began first in 1944, at a concentration camp in German-occupied Poland. Thirteen year-old Erik Lehnsherr is separated from his parents, upon entry to the camp. And in an attempt to reach them, he causes a set...
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Below is a review of the 2009 movie in the "X-MEN" franchise:

"X-MEN ORIGINS: Wolverine" (2009) Review

I must admit that when I had learned of Marvel’s plans to release a fourth movie in the "X-MEN" franchise, I did not warm to the idea. And when I learned that this fourth movie would focus upon the origins of James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine, my wariness deepened.

Fortunately, "X-MEN ORIGINS: Wolverine" eased most of my doubts. It turned out to be a surprisingly entertaining movie. Directed por Gavin Hood, it told the story of how a Canadian mutant named James Howlett (or Logan) became...
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"X-MEN: APOCALYPSE" (2016) Review

Two years following the success of 2014's "X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST", Marvel Entertainment released a new "X-MEN" film set ten years after the anterior one. The movie proved to be the fourth one directed por Bryan Singer.

"X-MEN: APOCALYPSE" began in ancient Egypt, where the world's first mutant, a powerful individual named En Sabah Nur, ruled por por transferring his mind into new bodies. Unfortunately, a group of former worshipprs betrayed En Sabah Nur aka "Apocalypse" por entombing him alive. They also killed his four lieutenants, the "Four Horsemen of the...
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"THE WOLVERINE" (2013) Review

Fans of the X-MEN have been discussing the making of Bryan Singer's new entry to the franchise recently. But while said fãs wait eagerly for "X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST", 20th Century raposa and Marvel Comics released a segundo movie featuring the mutant with adamantium claws called "THE WOLVERINE".

Directed por James Mangold, who first worked with estrela Hugh Jackman in 2001's "KATE AND LEOPOLD", "THE WOLVERINE" is a tale that begins nearly seventy years earlier, during the waning days of World War II. In August 1945, James Howlett aka Logan aka the Wolverine is a U.S....
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"X-MEN: FIRST CLASS" (2011) Review

Recently, I came across a comment that the last "X-MEN" movie, 2009's "X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE", had been a failure. I found this opinion surprising, considering that it actually made a profit at the box office. Failure or not, Marvel Studios decided to continue the movie franchise with a fifth entry called "X-MEN: FIRST CLASS".

Directed por Matthew Vaughn, "X-MEN: FIRST CLASS" is, like the 2009 movie, another origins tale. Only it traced the beginnings of the two friends-turned-adversaries, Charles "Professor X" Xavier and Erik "Magneto" Lensherr. The movie...
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posted by AcidBanter

Below is the tracklist with a few lyrics to highlight why they remind me of the character of Logan.

01. All is Violent, All is Bright (Instrumental) - GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT

02. It’s Been A While - STAIND

Its been awhile
Since I could look at myself straight
and it's been awhile
since i said i'm sorry
It's been awhile
Since I've seen the way the candles light your face
It's been awhile
But I can still remember just the way you taste
But everything I can't remember as fucked up as it may seem
I know it's me i cannot blame this on my father
he did the best he could for me


- Based around...
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"X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST" (2014) Review

When the news reached many fãs that Bryan Singer would be helming the seguinte film, fãs rejoiced. As far as they were concerned, the best filmes from the franchise had been directed por Singer. And since he had served as one of the producers for 2011's "X-MEN: FIRST CLASS", that particular film is highly regarded por fãs as well.

The latest film in question, "X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST" seemed to serve as a sequel to both "FIRST-CLASS" and the 2006 movie, "X-MEN: THE LAST STAND". Adapted from Chris Claremont John Byrne's 1981 storyline, "Days of Future...
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