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Okay, so this might sound boring, but its been on my nerves for a long time and this is the only place to spill it out so here it goes.

So at my middle school whose name shall remain secret (La vila, vivenda, villa Middle School), theres this kid whose name shall also be kept secret (jose guerro) and is real jackass. he smells horrible, he gets into fight with guys AND girls, says stuff that make us want to crack his neck, and he sent lots of people to the office for something he did, and the teachers dont do anything but tell him niclely tobehave and get after the people who he made pissed. the other day...
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My first class was chemistry and I sat in the segundo row seguinte to a skinny girl with short blond hair talking to another girl behind us. From their conversation I learned her name was Stacey and the other was Beonca and they were both cheerleaders.
The teacher started to talk about the rules and objectives for this ano but no one was paying attention,they were much mais interested in texting on their cell phones or passing notes to the person seguinte to them. I wasn't that interested in what the teacher said ether so my mind wondered off....
The sino woke me out of my dia dreams. As Stacey...
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posted by ashesandwine
Sorry for just posting it in this spot now:( If you want you can cadastrar-se my spot and leitura it as soon as it's ready:D

"Daniel POV"

We wrote so much letters to each other, even if we were just a few blocs away... I still remmember our first letter; I had so much to say, so much that I wanted her to know, how could I put all of my amor into one letter? So I said the only thing I could say:

"I only know that I belong where you are!"

Her response was something that I will never forget:

"You're my fragement of light in the end of the tunnel, you're my reason to fight when everything is getting dark..."...
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The early morning sun casts light into my dark room, i hate the light, just reminds me of what i wake up to every morning. The yelling from across the hallway, the creaking sound of my siblings bedroom doors opening and closing as they continue to refuse to exit their rooms.

Its not such a good life really, My family has so many issues that its hard to even sort out one without starting another,we never stop arguing, its like the essence of our life as a family. I don't particularly mind the main family issues, i guess its just that brother of mine.

He has a major issue with who i am, and what...
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Ximena knelt down besides the majestic bed. She could no longer hold back her tears. Her hands were wrapped around the lifeless form of the Cid. The cruel wound had finally extinguished the light which had burned bright and guided the people of Valencia through the dark times. Their beloved Cid was no more.

Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, El Cid had commanded the Spanish conquistadors against the invasion of Yusuf‘s Berber armies. A mighty leader he was, who fought with sobrenatural vigour and whose energy was transmitted to all who fought beside him. Many legendary battles he had waged and won. Undefeated...
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Narrator: Macbeth slowly entered the crept room were Duncan was sleeping soundly. Macbeth quietly began to reach for his sharpened dagger. Macbeth pondered many thoughts regarding the demise of Duncan, but never to this degree. Now, the time had come to fulfill the quest to be crowned king. Duncan suddenly returns to reality. Visualizing Macbeth por his bedside withholding a dagger pointed at his wretched chest. Would this mean the end of Macbeth’s planned tragedy or the end of Duncan’s existence?
Duncan: Cousin, why hast thou forsaken me?
Macbeth: Forsaken you? Thou hast forsaken me. Thou...
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posted by dragonrider
"So Starr what is going on?" my mom asks me when Elliot and I sit on the sofá "And who is this?" she motions to Elliot
"I'm Elliot from 2009. I'm excited to be here Mrs Makenzie I amor your daughter," he says
My mom raises her eyebrows "Oh wow already? Starr please explain,"
I sigh "I chose the wrong job mom. Oh sure I chose the job where it sounds the most interesting but little did I know I was working for the bad guys,"
My dad walks in with pipoca and sits down "Please start at the beginning Starr I want to hear everything," he says
I sigh "Okay so you guys know I was in 2009 right?"
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posted by dragonrider
I pull into the parking lot of the country council men office and get out. Hmm what should I do with Elliot? I can't leave him in the car he'll die of heat. I could leave the air on. Nah I'll just put him behind stage when I talk to the councilmen.
I pull out Elliot and put him over my shoulder. Everybody is strong in the future.
Elliot murmurs something like "Oh I amor you too Starr!"
Aww how sweet. I take out duct tape and tape his mouth shut. Ahh that's much better
I carry Elliot towards the building and when I get inside I don't see Whitney. Hmm that's strange she works here shouldn't...
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Hayley Williams
Taylor York
Zac Farro
Jeremy Davis
Josh Farro
Lacey Mosely
Lady GaGa
Kanye West
Soulja Boy
Joe Jonas
Zac Efron
Dallas Winston(Dally)
Ponyboy Curtis
Alice Cullen

Lady GaGa: Why don't we go out tonight?

Kanye: Can't show, concerto tonight.

Lady GaGa: Hayley?

Hayley: Ummmm depends.

Zac: Cum awn GaGa I'll go wit cha.

This is all I'm posting. I want to see if I get any responses first. : )
My segundo super hero story. There are five characters and they meet the same person on different days. It takes five days for everybody to meet everybody. Keep in mind some of the powers the kids have are stupid but I tried to get powers that kids wouldn't have. Enjoy or not.

Preface (Very stupid now that I reread it)
In the ano 3112 a few adults had children that had super powers. I tracked them all down and they joined me in the battle of keeping the world alive. I tracked down the five children and they all have different powers. How do I know? I'm Physic and my name is Scott Bering.

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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
I woke up in Ethan’s arms, which was mais comfortable than it should have been. I didn’t want to mover or wake him, he looked peaceful and it was better when he was quite. I sighed and then saw his eye flutter. ‘Crap!’ I thought to myself, is eyes fully opened and turned to me. “Morning” he yawned, I smiled. “Morning, sleepy head” I giggled. He then signed. “Come on we have to get ready for school” he said, I moaned and got out of bed. I looked back and saw Ethan getting up. I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off por Gloria barging in. “Morning sleepy beauties’”...
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"Mother what's happening? I don't want to leave father." ciara said getting dragged por her wrist por her mother.

"It will be all explained later, but I need you to hide in the tunnels for now."

"Mother. NO! I want to stay with father."

"And then what? Be killed! You see if father dies you need to be safe. Now go." Her mother said as she gave her to the maid of the house.

"Make sure you take good care of her." Her mother said as she turned to leave

I will protect her with my life. Your grace." The maid said taking ciara down the staircase which lead to the hidden tunnels

As the maid and ciara leave...
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posted by MakoMermaidsH2o
Imagine how cool it could be to be a real life mermaid. Well you can be.

All you have to do is do the steps right and I hope it works it worked on me im a real mermaid.

What you will need:
A cup of water
A strand of your hair
A bracelet or colar for your symbol
Put the salt in a bowl
Then put your hair in the bowl
Dip your symbol and hands in the bowl and chant
Guardian of the sea oh please make me a mermaid and we will see how great of a mermaid I will be and how polite and Valente I am oh please make me a bold mermaid I hope you do and thank you.
posted by mermaidgirl1010
Crack! Snap! Crack!
Running through the woods barefoot is sooooo not fun. Because one minuto you are in the pool and the seguinte you are running for your life from who knows what. Let me start from the beginning.
One late summer dia I was getting the mail. There was a letter for me.

You have been accepted at Burkly Spy School for boys and girls.
That was all the letter said. I didn't apply for a school, did I ?
I went to our pool to think it over and when I hopped in the pool
I saw a figure in the shadows. ''Who are you?" I screamed. When the person leaped at me I took off into the woods. I heard someone yell code red and then the person threw a punch. I recovered quickly and threw a punch. He fell to the ground a I took off again. Then I stopped when I thought no one was following me. Every thing went dark.
posted by Insight357
I went back to the motel after Lucy left. I never did figure out why she was running. seguinte time I saw her I would ask…Hopefully I would see her again.
    Damien is all alone said a voice. I shook my head, as my hands began to shake and my coração raced.I sat on the creaky motel bed. It was cold, and hard. I didn’t care though. I was too emotionless to care. I didn’t feel like I was apart of this world. The walls and furniture were only an illusion, and this was my hell. I had already died. Maybe if I died in hell I would be officially dead.
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