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posted by Insight357
    I awoke to the sound of doctors running rampant.
    “How did he near death?”
    “Why did he do it?”
    “Was it suicide?” All of these perguntas ran through my room. I opened my eyes, I was back in the mental institution. I looked over at my left arm. A cast ran from my wrist to my elbow. I remembered taking the meds, but I didn’t remember breaking my arm. I wonder how that happened.
    “Dr. Demidov, how are you feeling?” A tall, thin man asked. He wore glasses, and he had...
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"IDIOT!" the King screeched. Toyo flinched as if the King had struck him.
"DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE?" he continued to yell angrily.
"The Vampire Society figured out that Aiko was at X Aacademy," Toyo said quietly. "So I sent her away."
"Without the protection of other vampires," the King hissed. "Suppose they find out where she is now. Who will protect her? She's as good as dead now!" The King sighed irritably and strode towards the door.
"Inform the Society that I will not be available for the seguinte year," he said coldly. "And this time, don't mess it up." The King strode out of the...
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posted by Insight357
I sat on a black, leather couch, starring at the deep blue walls. I was in Alexander’s office, for my appointment. I’d come here straight from the cathedral. My hair was tangled, and messy. I still wore plaid pajama bottoms, and an old, gray tee shirt.
    I came to a realization last night. Today, I would make my move. I have done enough to hold my own. Now I could be happy…Maybe.
    I debated whether, or not I should tell Alexander about Lucy. Dr. Anozi would’ve liked the idea, but I’m not sure about Dr. Laveney.
    I also...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 16

A loud noise woke Bone from his sleep. Becoming mais alert he felt a sharp pain in his neck from laying his head over after falling asleep on his comprar couch.
Opening one dry eye he could see Jax rustling around the comprar benches and he appeared to have his shotgun strapped to his back and somehow he got some old work boots over his injured foot.
He looked like he was prepared for battle.
“The hell you doin’ preparin’ for war?” he said.
“No, goin’ huntin’. Koda hunting”
Bone was wide awake now.
“You are not going to kill my nephew,” he said forcefully stopping Jax in...
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posted by bunnibunnibaby
Jade Adams was making her way início when she saw him. The dark haired kid everyone had been talking about earlier today was walking in the same direction she was. "Hey! You're the new kid in school right?" "Hn?" The boy turned around to face Jade, making her coração skip a beat. He had to be one of the most strikingly beautiful people she had ever seen. He was pale, with onyx colored eyes, and jet black hair that hung over his eyes slightly. "H-hi. I'm Jade..." the poor girl was at a loss for words when he flashed his dazzling smile at her. "Hey, I'm Victor." She blushed slightly and readjusted her Slipknot tee over her black skinny jeans. "Soo... what road do you turn onto to get home?" "I turn onto Salem road, what about you?" Victor looked over at her again, scratching his head awkwardly. "Me too! Wanna walk início together?" "Sure!" The blonde girl started walking ahead, leaving Victor o follow. "So, how do you like it here?"
posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 11

The dry hot air inside the garagem was almost unbearable and the smell of motor oil and tires wasn’t helping. Bone usually did not drink a can of cerveja while in his comprar but there were no customers and it was just too damn hot to do anything.

Dropping himself onto his comprar sofá and cracked open his Miller Light; he closed his eyes to try and ignore the stuffy heat.
He remembered calling Koda’s house and left a message when no one answered. It was odd for no one to be início but he shrugged it off.
Taking a long swig he didn’t realize how tired he felt from the heat as he started to...
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posted by sawfan13
The man quietly entered the apartment of his girlfriend. He so badly wanted her back into his arms. His obsession. His love. His target. He entered her bedroom, as she rested in. He crept over to her, stroking her long black hair as she slept. A shadow that was not his appeared. He backed away from the woman, as the shadow was a man. A man with dark wild hair. A man that growled like a lion, but yet somewhat like a wolf.

Someone came in. He was touching Lilith. I walked over to him. I looked at him and said,"What are you doing here? Leave my queen alone." "Look, man. I don't want any trouble....
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 7

Koda awoke suddenly.
His coração was hammering in his chest and an excruciating pain filled his body.
His skin felt as if it was ripping open, his muscles were in so much pain as if he pulled every muscle fiber.
The skin and bones in his fingertips exploded as something else grew in replacement of his nails.
His jawbone crunched and popped.

Everything in his body was changing.

As he tried to maintain his thoughts, he slowly lost all memory of who he was. He was becoming mais animal than human.

The pain finally subsided.
All he thought and felt was anger.
And revenge.

Jax sat alone in the living...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
I really thought he was going to kiss me. Boy, was I wrong. I swear he was moving closer and closer but then suddenly he was on his feet pulling me up. I frowned but then put on a fake smile so he wouldn’t realize. ‘I really liked him but if I told him…’ I sighed as I thought to myself. We picked our stuff back up and I slipped hos shoes on and he didn’t complain. Nick carried my camisa and shorts and handed me his short to throw on over my bathing suit. I smiled and gratefully put it on.

My mind was racing. Racing fast. Did he really just give me his shirt!? I wanted to jump up and...
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"He was soooo cute!" I told my firends. sad thing is, I can't even remember what he looks like. But something feels special about him. Something makes me feel like I shouldn't care....

I would never of thought I'd be waiting por the phone. Most of the time i just think "Well if a guy doesn't want this, he can't have it." But something is amking me feel like I want him mais than anyone else. Something is drawing me towards him. something makes me feel like if anyone's coração will be broken it'll be mine. And I just met him! Wait....I don't even know his name!

While Luna was worried about that....
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The familiar obnoxious ring tone woke me up that morning. I was still groggy when I managed to slam my hand on it and grab it like a claw like in those games in the arcades.
"Hello?" I mumbled.
"Jamie, do you know what dia it is?" My best friend Delilah asked anxiously on the other line. It sounded like I forgot something like I always did..
"Ummm Saturday?" I asked, not quite sure what was going on.
"Very funny, it's the total drama island cast auditions today HELLOO!!"
"That's today?!?!"
I shot out of bed, turing my phone's speaker on to catch the words, "They're allowing eight new teens into...
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Part 1

Alexis walked side por side withElyon, who had been waiting patiently outside the door for her to get ready. Her shoes slapped off the ground and her long pinifor swayed por her knees, she wrapped her long arms around her upper body feeling the chill of the large building.
"You will get used to it," Elyon murmered peering in the classroom as they past them."It's normlly warmer at night, but thats in the main building, not here I'm afraid," she saidrubbing at her own goosebumps. "We arent alloeed to wear anything else butthe uniform, against pollicy...though they get to wear-" she stopped...
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Okay so I am really bored, so I thought I would develop this wierd dream I have been having.

One mind can change the world, one life can save another. One girl will save us all. This is the prophecy we were given long ago, and this is the story of the Girl it belongs to.

She sat on a large mural that was high enough to overlook the park on the other side of it, her legs swung freely and her hands sat crossed on her lap. It was the middle of summer and all the other teenagers and children were in the large park, enjoying the hot sun.But the girl stayed were she was, smiling at the fun that evryone...
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Her eyes hypnotize me, and I’m completely hooked on her smile. Who knew she’d be the girl I would fall for? I’ve fallen completely in amor with her. It’s hard to imagine her in someone else’s arms. I’m admitting to myself now, that I’m in amor with Casey, and that I’m extremely jealous of Carl.


I amor how golden his hair is, I amor how I could just spend forever in his eyes, I think I could even amor him? He’s beautiful and travels in a completely different social circle, and yet he’s standing here becoming the light of my life. I’m trying to wrap...
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posted by mitchie19
I got bored in the laptop so I opened MS Word and start typing whatever. Then I come to this.
Plus I like composição literária stories, so enjoy.
Note: Fan-made

I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling heavy and uneasy.
My mind rushed through the memories. I pushed myself back to sleep not remembering any parts happened earlier. Bonnie. Bonnie, I thought. She had been killed por Katherine. Oh, God. She can’t be! She can’t be dead! My fingers harden the travesseiro so I could hardly breathe. I felt moisture rushing to the surface of my eyes. I shouted, nor pouted. Though, no one can here me. Jeremy’s out...
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My name is Michael Gavin I'm 14 live in Upland CA, and I have wings. I'm not exactly sure how it happened but it did. My childhood was normal, like really normal no wings at that time and I was popular-ish. Until, I hit puberty as my mom says my dad was killed in a car accident and it was just me and mom. Then things got weird I was hit por a car and was sent to the hospital obviously. I spent two months in that little white room, leitura my Percy Jackson books, completely unaware of what the nurses were talking about outside my door as I read The Last Olympian for the zillionth time. My mom...
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Mr Grey took us down a big endless corridoor, where our dorms would be.
"Boys one this side, girls on the other. At this school we believe that closeness brings power, so you will both be sharing dorms, with three other students. Of your own sex of course.,"he stopped at one of the doors, the girl side."Ahhh, this will be your dorm Miss Stirling,". I looked at the door, there was a shiny number pate on it, 912. "The students have a dia off today, so it should give you enough time to learn your timetable," he clicked...
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posted by HarryPLover
Its too dark
Too dark to see what is going on
Tripping over the couch
Slamming into the wall
stepping on the remote
It was too dark
The undone dishes
The scattered roses
The broken picture
My broken heart
It was too dark
Believing it would change
That he would change
A Waste
A waste of my time
My Effort
The “No Messages” left on my phone
It was too dark
It was too dark to see what had happened
Too dark to try to fix things
Its just too dark
Someone turn on the light
That light bulb in my head of what Ive done wrong
Its too dark
There I was… Stepping on my own feet on the real ground. Yeah… the real one.
No mais “dad, will you give me a ride to…?”, or “ please mom, I need that money to buy a lovely pair of jeans”.
No mais dependence, no mais good meals in family, no mais life as I know it.
Time to step up on my feet.
Lily is my name…and I´m 18 years old. This is the new beginning of a new life. MY own life, the one that I have to build up.
Desperate about all this thoughts, all I could do is call my BF to cry over the phone.
-Soph…Oh Soph! This is nerve racking…OMG OMG OMG! I can´t believe we´re...
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This one is pretty short but I've been so busy, hope you like it comment and tell me what you think.

Elena’s POV
I woke up to find the curtains being draw open and Stefan gone. Every thing seemed a little fuzzy. I could see a figure walked towards me. I sat up in cama and rubbed my eyes.
“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Damon spoke softly. When things came back to focus I saw Damon half dressed, wearing just a pair of sweats.
I ran my fingers threw my hair pulling it out of my face. “Where’s Stefan.” “Not here, in fact it’s just you and me. Hungry?”
He got up and headed for the...
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