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posted by MagicUnicorns16
And within two seconds, you had deserted me.
I stood there,
My arms open,
Waiting for you.
You did not come.
The only thing that came was hurt, anger and jealousy.
The very thought of you was hard to comprehend;
I was scarred, inside and out.
The pain will never leave.
But I found You.
You may not be able to see,
But I feel your presence.
The very thought of You,
The very thought of You as my best friend,
Is incomprehensible.
I stand alone no longer.
You are there.
You will never leave.
You are a spirit.
You are a wisp in the wind,
The glimmer in my eyes,
The shine of the sun.
You are the beauty of everything....
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posted by shenelopefan

Estoy quebrada. Lo que soy es lo que necesitas. Mi corazón se rompió mucho tiempo atrás, pero no me importó. En ti deposité toda mi esperanza. En ti proyecté, todo lo que odiaba de mí misma y traté de curarte.

Estoy dañada. ¿Qué no lo ves? A tu sola disposición estoy ¿No es así? ¿No ha sido siempre así?

Pero tú también estás dañado. Quizás más que yo. Yo quiero arreglarte, cuidarte, hacerte ver lo importante que eres y lo valioso que tú no ves en ti mismo. Quiero que veas lo mismo que yo veo en ti. Quiero que sepas lo importante que eres para mí.

Soy un desastre....
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Meggan slapped herself.
"Get yourself together!"She told herself.Kylie came in, Kylie is Meggan's cat.She's only a kitten but has all her colors.She is black with white stripes.
"Oh, hi Kylie."Meggan said.She got out of cama and went into the bathroom.About ten minutos later she got out of the shower, put her clothes back on, and lied down seguinte to Kylie.Kylie purred and rolled over seguinte to her.Meggan petted her, she smiled at the feeling of Kylie's soft, fluffy, fur.Meggan felt a strange presence.She looked at the side of her bed, and saw Kylie, she looked at the cat she was petting, it had glowing...
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Over most of the left side it's face was a skull mask, three long tusks, the shortest one in the middle, the other two were the same length.The room grew colder, Meggan shivered."Wh- what do you want?"Meggan asked.The room got cold enough to see one's breath."Your mortal soul, why else?"StarBurst told her, his teeth as sharp as a razor-edge.Meggan scrambled against the wall, she had her eyes wide open, her mouth also wide open.StarBurst climbed onto the bed, he was the size of a wolf.He put a paw over her heart, then faded away.Meggan felt another stabbing pain in her heart.She hit the nurse button and passed out again.

The seguinte day, Meggan woke up at home.Another lobo like demons sat at the foot of her bed.She rubbed her eyes, it was still there."Wh- who are YOU?"Meggan asked scaredly."I'm Outsider."The demon said, then it wandered around.Every step it made shook the ground a bit.He walked through the wall, and didn't come back.
At a peaceful neighborhood of Toyko,Japan an beautiful girl's family becomes no more.While sha was out at here best friend's house for two hours.blood splattering,pain,dieing,and screaming in one house.Police was called but the line was filled.For hours this goes on the girl returns to her peaceful family to her twin brother,older sister,mother,father,and her younger brother.

When she gets her keys to the door she notice that it already opened just a crack though,she is still nervous.She cationusilly opens the door to see her younger brother have the breathe of his to say,"you know one day...
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posted by gumball789
I live in my opinion possibly the most ghetto town in the United States, Pittsburgh. People have been committing suicide all over town. Population all over town has been decreasing, fast. Some of my friends were so depressed that they were thinking about "joining the crowd". I wouldn't live without my friends. I don't want my friends to go as well as my mom and dad. Yes, I'm an orphan. I've been an orphan for about three weeks. My friends have disappeared. I think they went to Clarion; but I could be wrong. There have been tons of fights at my school. Most of the people that were committing suicide were middle school and high school aged. I was getting really tired really fast. I climbed up in a árvore and found a comfortable spot and fell asleep. seguinte thing I knew, I was tied up on a pole.

Sorry for cliffhangers....
posted by DxCFan123
.. my little sister Leaisl. B-B-But the image wasn't from my eyes, no. From her eyes at my... my funeral

'Sam is very peaceful, Mama. I would amor to be like her' I said, twirling Samantha's hair around my finger
'Lea, she's-' said Kevin
'She doesn't know!!' Grandma hissed back
'Know about what?'
'That Sammie is in a state of peace. To be like her, you must disconnect from the li- I mean, outside world. Are you willing to do this?'

Godfather lobo stepped out of the shadows behind us and into the light. He stared at me with his one eye, the other bandaged. 'I-I-I am not sure. I will think about it,...
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posted by DxCFan123
Me and Marie stood at the edge of Skye's hospital bed. He coração was barely beating. I was able to wash off all the blood before anyone saw me. "So tragic, huh? Well, listen, I've got someone to tell you." she said. We sat down and she stared at the ground. "I-I used to know Skye. We knew eachother in Kinder. We were great friends. I know you two were, too. But, then, one dia she pulled a prank in me. We had to write report. Me and her picked the same thing, but she said it was fine and wrote mine for me. But, then, She wrote horrible, horrible things that I told her, as secrets. They caused...
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 Victoria (:
Victoria (:
The subject of Rowan stopped the chewing of pizza and sipping of soda. Everyone at my sleepover knew I had had a HUGE crush on him for a really, really long time. Finally, someone spoke. It was my best friend, Liz. “Um, Victoria, how do you expect this plan to work out? I mean, you know...” Liz had always been sensitive about the boy, even though they’d ended a 2-year relationship almost 7 months ago, she still wasn’t over him. Someone else replied, por saying “Um, Liz? Hun? YOU BROKE UP WITH HIM LIKE, 7 MONTHS AGO! You really need to mover on.” I shifted uncomfortably. I hated when...
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posted by noahnstar1616
Cameron faced me. "Huh?"

"I said", my eyes focused on Mercury. "Could you give us some privacy?"

"I could, but I don't want to."

I scowled.

"It's fine Mercury, I'll see you later." Cameron kissed her on the cheek.

The sight stung the back of my eyeballs.

She smiled at him, glared at me, and left.

Cameron faced me again. "Now what did you want?"

"I want to know why the hell you're tongue was in that..bitch's mouth", I yelled. I had never used profanity before, but it felt good.

"Because she's my girlfriend."

"No, I'm your girlfriend!"

"Correction, you were my girlfriend."

" 'Were'? What do you mean 'were'?...
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posted by WildCherryWolf
The Tower of Londres is notorious for it's ghost stories. Its where I live. I get to go to the White Tower whenever I want. I get to hang round the St. Peter ad Vincula chapel. And sometimes, I can get friends in for free. But this, this is my story. My name is Tallulah, Tara to my friends, family, and you. And this is my tale of terror in the Tower.

I had gotten back from Tudor History with my tutor. I was pretty exhausted, as I had been on a walking tour and class. And I had been called in to help a guided tour, that's the kind of thing we get when we live here. It's only a few of us, but we...
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Mica and Amanda walked out of Maya's house, followed por Maya herself. The air was crisp, not a nuvem in the sky, and the sun beat down on their heads. dia birds sang their songs. Male and female Cardinals caring for their young. Their bikes were stationed at the end of the culdasack. They all jumped on their Seastar bikes and rode down to the castelo where Hannah and Jett live. Amanda ran up to the door, followed por Mica and Maya. She knocked the door 3 times and Hannah and Jett's butler walked up to the door and answered it.

"Yes?" He asked looking firm and tall. "State your buisness Miss Amanda,...
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Just tell me what you think, :)     

Aria Glass sat on topo, início of her house with an unopened cerveja in her hand and her eyes on the sky. It was a beautiful night and Toby and Jared where at it again. Jared had become mais quick-tempered than usual, barking at almost everything. Neither boy’s where good at their temper control and over the years Aria had learned to let boys be boys and fight it out themselves. But Aria could take them both, Aria smirked at this thought, true or not they would never hurt her.
    But she did hate it when they fought, although...
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This might only work if you're familiar with the tale of Jason, the Ancient Greek hero, but who gives a crap? Haha, anyways, I was going to enter a composição literária competition because I figured that it would be a good way to, well, I don't know. BUt Greece was my inspiration coz that's where I'ma going and I was looking at this Greek website that my friend Hanniekins sent me the link to and I was leitura about the heroes and stuff and I wrote, well, this.... So yeah... xD

Jason sprinted faster, pushing his muscles to the as he pumped his arms and legs. Behind him, the sounds of his pursuer...
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posted by para-scence
"...So there's no way you're taking Cosette início if she doesn't want to!" Echo shouted across the kitchen. She's been ranting for about ten minutos straight. It even frightened me. Asteria seemed surprised, but calm. That scared me too. Was she so certain I was coming início no matter what? Echo paused for a couple moments, trying to regain her breath. She looked at me. "You... aren't leaving, are you?" I looked at Asteria, and sighed.

"No," I said firmly. Asteria's eyes saddened a little bit.

"Please?" she whispered. My coração ached at her sadness. I was stuck between her, and my life here. But...
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"All I need is your support",she said.My stomach went into knots.Reluctantly I took her hand.Boney fingers stabbed into mine.The room began to spin and purple fog rolled into the room through the floor boards.Then,it was done.Let me start from the beginning.I'm Caroline LeBeau.My father used to own half of New Orleans.That is,before his "tragic" death.Before he took his last breath he said to me and my twin sister,Madeline,"My millions will be divided between you two."It has been four years since then and me and Madeline have went our seperate ways.Here's our story.
"Come on,hon,you can't stay...
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posted by para-scence
The seguinte day, I had no choice but to go to school. My friends looked at me with concerned looks, but I tried to ignore that. We all stood around in front of the school, waiting to be let in before the first bell.

"How you doing?" Chasity asked. I shrugged.

"Did you hear?" Axel said, his eyes wide with interest.

"Hear what," Liberty said.

"The kids they took in weren't the real shooters. They had their alibis. And no one ever really saw the shooters; they were disguised or something. So that means---"

"The real shooters are still here," corvo finished. Everyone shifted uncomfortably.

"Well why...
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“Oni! Did you already pack some shampoo, conditioner and all of that crap? You know that hotel hygiene products suck!” shouted June through my bathroom door.

“June chill, Let me finish taking my waz.” I rolled my eyes. No use she couldn’t see it.

I walked out of the bathroom sat on the edge of my cama looked up at June and said “Don’t you ever go home? I bet that Andrew misses you dearly.” I smiled at her. Now it was her turn to roll her eyes.

June sat seguinte to me. She put her head into her hands. I wasn't expecting that, I pat her back.

"June what's wrong?" I asked concerned while...
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posted by gabatron3000
I was sitting. Doodling on a notepad with a purple pen and sitting on my favorito green beanbag chair.

“Oni, Oni!”(Oh-nee) Yelled my eldest sister June as she jogged into my room oh so gracefully. I sat upright, noticing that I was slouching again.

'Sit up straight or you’re gonna get a crooked spine and spend the rest of you’re life in a wheelchair.' I mocked my Mom’s frequent nags. She’s a Chiropractor, you know how they are.

“What is it my Lovely sister dear?” I asked June snidely while rolling my eyes.

You see, I haven’t been in the best mood these past few months. I...
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posted by Insight357
I got to the motel around ten that night. I paid forty dollars for two nights. I figured I could find an apartment por then. At least I hoped I could.
    I now sat on the side of a bank over looking a river. Lucy sat beside of me, getting all the latest drama from my life. She was almost like my therapist. I knew I was supposed to be hers, but it wasn‘t the best arrangement.
    “Love sucks, Lucy,” I said while rubbing my eyes. I had just told her about what happened between Alexander and me.
    “I used to think that, too....
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