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xnarutard101x posted on Feb 24, 2011 at 08:06PM
Create your wolf and begin! Face the dangers in being a wolf, and live like one of the pack.

Age (Wolf Years):
Rank (Lone wolf, pack leader etc.):
Where is your wolf from? (Western reagion, mountains.. etc.)

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over a year ago xnarutard101x said…
Name: Shika
Age (Wolf Years): 12 (Pre-teen pup)
Fur: Brown, with black going up each leg.
Skills: Excellent hearing. Very good sense of smell. (He can hear and smell things other wolves can't.)
Rank: Lone wolf.
Mate: None.
Gender: Male.
Breed: Brown wolf.
Where is your wolf from?: Western region.
Characteristics: Lazy, calm, avoids fights, intelligent.
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
Name:Star of the Black Night(Star for short)
Age(wolf years):long silky pure black with yellow star like eyes
Skills:amazing fighter,knows how to cure many but not all sicknesses,amazing sixth sense
RanK:rogue(was kicked out of her pack)
Mate:none yet
Where is your wolf from?:Rocky mountain region
Characteristics:smart,funny,clumsy at times,good leader,very smart,strong willed and strong bodied
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
oops her age is about 2 years old in dog years
over a year ago xnarutard101x said…
Very cool, approved :D
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
over a year ago xnarutard101x said…
(I'll start :P )

Shika trudged through the dark deep woods. He was aimlessly wandering. He wanted to remain a lone wolf... it was too much trouble to be in a pack. Then out of nowhere he spotted another wolf.
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
Star had just starting to collect herbs when she caught a wiff of another wolf.AN unfimiliar one.She looked up and saw a larger male wolf
over a year ago xnarutard101x said…
Shika looked at her with a lazy and confused expression. Then he approached her. He walked slowly, so he wouldn't frighten her.
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
Star snorted as he approached and gave a low growl of warning for a moment
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
(got a quick question. how do u create ur own forum?)
over a year ago ppgcowgirl said…
Animefangirl25: go to "forum" and in the right corner tap "add forum topic"
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
omg! thanx! lol
over a year ago xnarutard101x said…
Shika stopped and stared at the strange she-wolf. Then he bent down and a rumble formed in his chest. He was warning her to stop the growling before it got ugly.
over a year ago Animefangirl25 said…
Star chuckled and approached him without an hesitation "brave one aren't u?" she said as she circled around him
over a year ago kc251656 said…
Name: willow
Age (Wolf Years):1 year
Fur: white
Skills: hunting thinking making freinds
Rank (Lone wolf, pack leader etc.):beata
Mate: none yet
Breed:gray wolf
over a year ago anubis210 said…
Name: Akiak
Age 8
Fur: graw
Skills: leading
Rank was alpha, then lone wolf
Mate: N/A
Gender: male
Breed: gray wolf
Where is your wolf from? Alaska woods
Characteristics: can be mean and aggressive, but caring and loving
over a year ago ilovepokemon3 said…

age:15(human years)

fur:silver and light brown

skill:speed,stealth,and fighting

mate:cobolt one of the silver claw pack...and her packs enemy..


breed?:um...gray wolf

where is your wolf from:idaho

rank:moonshard pack,and betta

characteristics:calm,joyful,and aggresive when needed
over a year ago ilovepokemon3 said…
ok..my turn!

one day in her pack,blossom was sent to hunt with her friend buck shot,her long time friend.there mission was to take down 2 bull elk,which is hard for wolves to do.while hunting,she spotted a wolf pup...it said"please help me! my friend is lost!! please,find him!" it was something she couldn't say no to...so she said "ok!" she raced off into the woods. her friend said "we're soposed to be hunting! whats so important?!" and she said "a pup! follow me..NOW!"

her friend said"sheesh...fine!" they were deep in the forset now and they were in another territory...her mates territory.she was afaid that buck shot would tell her pack,causing her to be banished from the pack,so she turned another way going out of the territroy.
over a year ago ilovepokemon3 said…
a couple of min. later,she heard a pup saying"hello?! can anyone hear me?!" sh ran in the direction of the voice,later tofind the pup.it said"thank you!" blossom said"no prob.! now lets get you to your friend!*meanwhile*coal(her father):where is she?! her and buck shot should have been back by now! just then she came racing,with the elk,back to her pack!her father was releived.
over a year ago ilovepokemon3 said…
ya like my thing so far?? cause i do!
over a year ago ilovepokemon3 said…
who ever made this question thing..since your a naruto freak...im on chapter 6 in my naruto game!its called storm2! chapter 5 is sad...because guess who dies!! my fav. charecter! itachi uchiha! now i know everything too!!
over a year ago ilovepokemon3 said…
still sad :( :( :(
over a year ago ilovepokemon3 said…
ok...do you guys not like my story?? cause if you don't....your making me sad :(
over a year ago TOTEM said…
age:25(wolf years)