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posted by ShadowHunter28
Chapter 3
The new Begining

Kerouh and his pack have been traveling for a few hours and it was close to dusk, he was just about to stop and rest when he saw a human den. His ears perked up and he let out a fearless snarl. He called his mother, she quickly saw the worry upon his face, she nervously walked towards him " look... a human den, I'm going to check things out and when I return we will carry on" he said and paded away silently.

Once Kerouh reached the antro, den he stop swiftly and sniffed around to make sure it was safe. Then walked slowly around the den, when suddenly he let out a loud yelp...
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posted by Night_Wolf
 now night is adult
now night is adult
This time NIght (misty's pup)is bigger.he is now beta wolf.he is fighter,hunter.he is white wolf.Night have him army. first he started training.him master Erick is now him pack alpha.night's enemy is gaurav(black wolf).
 1.when he was little
1.when he was little
posted by DarkWolf14
"What is this place lobo Land?"Kiba asked we have running to a cave her we could rest a little"some says that is a mith a fari tail but mother always told me that when a lobo dies the lobo soul that belongs to him go to that place to find peace"
i anwser "cool do you think we can live there?I mean i didn't die yet"he asked "yup i think its worth tryng i have anywher to go my pack hates me anyway"I said "so can i go with you" my pack hates me as well" he asked "well if you want but first we need rest"i said "alright i always want to have a friend"Kiba said as he lied seguinte to me i never sleep...
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posted by Cathy121
It was a sunny morning in a large forest the morning dew was starting to dry off the green grama and animais were starting to wake are story begins in a small cave. Inside the cave were four lobos a dark grey male lobo with blue eyes and a light grey female lobo with red eyes seguinte to them was a small dark grey pup with blue eyes and a larger pup with light grey pele, peles and red eyes. Both pups were male the light grey pup was named Lechu and his smaller brother was named lachu. The mother lobo looked at the cachorro, filhote de cachorro with her warm kind eyes "they are beautiful" the mother said with a smile as bright as the afternoon sun 'I agree Tina" the father said with pride in his eyes which were colored like the near por lake. Tina looked at her mate and said " Jake I think they will make us proud" Jake smiled and replied "I don't think, I know they will".
posted by StarWarrior
    “I’ve got it!” Shade squeaked.
    “Hurry!” esmeralda barked, trying to keep up with him.
    “Corner it there, quick!” Kitmira barked.
    Shade turned the rabbit toward the thick thorn bushes. It was getting tired. Shade pounced; he landed perfectly on its back.
    “Bite it!” Neko commanded.
    Emerald lunged progressivo, para a frente and sunk her teeth into its neck.
    “Good catch!” Mamma called.
    “Did we hunt...
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posted by Fairstepshaven
Lupa leapt high into the air, and landed lightly on a ridged rock. She looked around, feeling a sudden urge to find something. "T-takota?" she called, not sure how she new the name but she obviously did. "Takota? Where are you?" "Kouya! Watch out!" came a frightened voice, and Kouya, if that even was her name, tried to mover out of the way of the mystrious object that mysteriously was coming at her, but she was too late. Sonething silver pierced her chest, and she screamed in pain and fell back, off the rock and onto the cold ground. "Kouya!" was the last thing she heard before it all went black....
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posted by JackLuver14
I woke up one morning in my den,the sun was shining in and blinding my eyes. I decided to get up and walk outside,and when I did,there was a bleeding lobo on the ground a few trees away. I hurried over there and looked the lobo over,trying to see what happened. Because the wolf's eyes were closed,I nudged the fallen lobo in the neck. His eyes opened slowly,and when he saw me,his eyes grew wide and he figeted to get up;he whimpered. "A-are you okay?" The unknown lobo didn't respond and a backed away and sat down. I figured that he was nervous that a stranger was staring at him. I tried again,...
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posted by Dudespie
The wolf. When most people think of a wolf, they think of a big, bad, snarling creature. lobos aren't like that at all. They are just as afraid of you as you are to them. lobos are social animals, but humans have driven them away por ruining their habitat, and destroying their packs. lobos still roam the Earth, but are very rare in numbers. Many lobos live in Idaho or Canada, and even Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The lobo is a stereotype. Take Little Red Riding capuz, capa for example. In this story, the lobo is the evil one. No lobos would dress up as a grandma (duh!) And lobos certainly...
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"Nikko! Nikko! NIKKO!" "mmmmmm? What you want you ol' fart?" Replied Nikko while yawning. "This is the 10th time this week you fell asleep in my class! AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY!" "Well Mr.Crow. School sucks and I'm only here cause I got no where else to go..." "Sigh. I know your parents are...no longer with us but, you can't expect to use that as an excuse to your behavior." Said Mr.Crow in a sad voice. "Whatever. I'm out. I'm not coming back here. It's not like I'll have much of a future anyways" Nikko runs out of school before anyone has a chance to stop him.

Nikko goes in his secret area of...
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posted by craig3606
 The lobo Pack
The Wolf Pack
In Africa there has been a experiment on lobos being transitioned to living in the jungle. There has been some lobos that have been shot with a vaccine from when they were cubs and then released into the Wild as they became older. The vaccine was designed to make the lobos body temperature withstand Africa’s. Stryder, Winter and Kron was left behind with five cubs after the Hyenas attacked their pack, Bitow, Dex, Gomah, Stray and including Stryder and Winter’s own cub Rosey. Stryder was the Alpha and Winter was the Omaga. If it wasn’t for the Elephants interrupting the fight none of...
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posted by emowolf123
I slid into the warm water. My "human" bones did not like that run from Angela. I covered my chin in bubbles. Haha, I'm Santa. Oh goodness I must be tired. My aleatório thoughts were interrupted por a knock on the bathroom door.

"Come in." I'm sure its just my maid.

"Hey." Or it could be Sky. Even though we are really close I rather he not see me naked. "Oh stop. We're like brother and sister."

"Yes, but I don't like walking around naked like you," I said, hiding under the bubbles. Sky laughed and sat on the edge of the tub and grabbed my towel.

"Let's change that." And he took off with my towel....
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 Thunder and Shadow
Thunder and Shadow
Thunder's pack
Alpha: Thunder- Male gray lobo with yellow eyes
Male beta: Stone- Male gray lobo with yellow eyes
Female beta: Lightning- Female white lobo with blue eyes
Male Delta: Storm- Male gray lobo with blue eyes
Female Delta: Crystal- Female white lobo with green eyes
Sentinels: Moonlight- Female white lobo with brown eyes
Sparkle- Female gray lobo with green eyes
Marble- Female white lobo with red eyes
Pebble- Male gray lobo with green eyes
Fog- Male gray lobo with red eyes
Elders: Twinkle- Female gray lobo with green eyes
Snow- Female white lobo with blue eyes
Cloud- Male white lobo with...
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posted by emowolf123
Thunder led me out of his office with an arm around my shoulder. My tattos started hurting again, so I rubbed them.

"What's wrong?" Jenny came up to me.

"Uh, I just had an itch," I said, putting my arms down to my side. Thunder took them though and rubbed my little bird tattos with his thumb.

"When did you get this?" He asked.

"Like last night," I said, taking my arms back.

"What does your lobo look like?" I sighed. I really don't want to Change, but I guess I have to. So I let my mind and body "go wolf". Scarlett, Jenny, and Thunder gasped. Hugo's already seen me as a wolf, so this is nothing...
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posted by AerinDeer28

Chapter 1
The filthy nightmare

A dark grey wolf, with laranja eyes and a flash of three scratch scars going from his forehead to his right cheek trotted out of the forest with a buck’s leg in his mouth, followed por his strongest pack-mates ready to go to their árvore antro, den not too far from the hunting grounds.
A beautiful silver lobo with burgundy at the tips of her pelt, feeding her pups was gazing at the entrance of the den, waiting for her mate and pack to return from the hunt. But as she waited, there were noises coming from the mouth of the den, and she immediately thought...
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posted by emowolf123
5 years ago


I screamed and tried to soco the monster that was trying to rip my throat out. The monster's yellew teeth gripped my arm and twisted, making it snap. I screamed and most of my strength ran back to my body. I kicked the lobo off and it hit the wall. I rolled onto my belly and army crawled to my friend, Sky. I could see his chest rise and fall slowly, or stop, which made me gasp everytime. After what felt like forever I eventually made it to him.

"Nicole," Sky whispered. I grabbed his hand with my good one. His face...
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posted by AerinDeer28
Here's something I want to share with you:

The eyesight of lobos is not fully understood, thought it is probably similar to that of domesticated dogs. Compared with humans, lobos have three to four times the density of light-sensing rods in their retinas, which gives them keener night vision. Yet because they lack a fovea (the tiny pit on the retina) they cannot match a human's ability to focus on objects at a long distance.

The eerie, harmonic chorus howl so engrained in our collective unconscious is used both defensively and to rally the pack. Chorus howling also brings the lobos enjoyment, thought pack politics dictate that low-ranking lobos not to cadastrar-se in uninvited.

posted by 18wanda
I am here to tell you about my book I wrote about lobos called Howl of a Wolf. It is about two lobos who are called into the mountains por a mysterious howl in the night, and they find their destinies among another pack of wolves. estrela is chosen to protect the pack from a horrible spirit monster that they angered long atrás who takes a life every night on the new moon. Sky's destiny is to protect her. Little does estrela know that she will need her brother mais than she knows when she faces the monster that threatens the pack.
I was inspired to write this story when I saw a book at the biblioteca clled The Sight. It had the face of a white lobo with glinting copper eyes, and that inspired me to enter the world of wolves. Howl of a lobo is a huge success, and I have a few good reviews of the story. I plan to have it published, and it may end up in your own hands someday.
 estrela and Sky
Star and Sky
 "The howl...I felt a connection to it like it was calling me."
"The howl...I felt a connection to it like it was calling me."
 Meuki, the white woner who captivates Sky's coração
Meuki, the white woner who captivates Sky's heart
posted by tigerwolf
Betrayed in the Dark

“Stop!” “He didn’t do anything,” shouted White! “He doesn’t deserve this!”
White couldn’t believe his eyes about what he was seeing. There were sounds of yelps and growls went thought the air.

“You’re just lucky he didn’t hear you”, whispered Zinna. Do you what to get punished?”

White knew that she was right but he couldn’t watch his fellow lobo being tossed violently around like a doll. White couldn’t stand up for him or that would be him. After it was over, He resized that all the other lobos were leaving.

“There not even going to...
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posted by Okami_Amaterasu
 A Saarlooswolfhond
A Saarlooswolfhond
A wolf-dog hybrid (also called a lobo hybrid or wolfdog) is a canid hybrid resulting from the mating of a lobo (Canis lupus lupus) and a dog (Canis lupus familiaris). The term "wolfdog" is preferred por most wolfdog proponents and breeders since the domestic dog was recently taxonomically recategorized as a subspecies of wolf. Professional organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association and government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture refer to the animais as wolf-dog hybrids. Rescue organizations consider any animal with lobo heritage within the last...
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posted by demon_wolf
Muscles tightened. Claws raked over furred skin. Teeth bit into shoulders, legs, and throats. It was a battle. A battle for survival.

Survival of the fittest.
Young vs old.

Blood covered the ground under their pads. Each had their heads hung low to the ground. Eyes pinned to eachother. The older stood ready for his young opponent to make his attack. Instead the young one threw back his ears against his blood spattered head, and let out a ferocious snarl before bending its head down to lick at a wound on its fore front left leg. He took his eyes off his older opponent.

The old lobo knew from many...
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