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princessofmagic posted on Sep 09, 2011 at 02:46AM
OKay, so this is just an idea I had about this girl who finds out she's a witch. Yeah, thats all I'm saying, if you want to find out more you got to read.

Title: Witch

rating: teen for slight cussing

charecters: Kathryn, Alice, Porsha, Nikki, Kathryn's Mom and Dad, Jack and Jake, Bee, and David.

Disclaimer: I own every charecter in this story!!!!! mmmuuhaha!!!! kidding, kidding..... not about the charecter thing, though.

A/n: yes this is a story about witches, so chill..... and if i like dont post for a week, chilaxe( yes i said it) i probably just lost inspiration or died horribly. most likely the first one though. so here we go....
 OKay, so this is just an idea I had about this girl who finds out she's a witch. Yeah, thats all I

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over a year ago princessofmagic said…
okay, so, I'll post the first chapter tonight, or tomarrow morning, because i have school and I have to play at a football game i really dont want to go to. but, as a member of the marching band, i have to.

over a year ago princessofmagic said…
Okay, so here I am, with a sore stomach and cramps because I'm My period, eating mini Hershey's chocolate bars, writing. Yup. (don't you find it creepy that the girl I the picture above and to the left looks like Kim kardashian??? I do.....)

Witch chapter one

I glared at the gray sky as my parents car pulled into the huge driveway of our huge new house. Yeah, it had enough room for my little twin brothers, Jack and Jake, motor powered scooters, a trampoline for me, and maybe my little two-year-old sister Bee can actually get horseback riding lessons and later get a pony. Yeah, the public high school was I would be going to was really good and had a great track team, yeah, I completely understood my parents wishes for our " growing family", as my mom is expecting another set of twins, girls this time, but I was still depressed. I had to move away from all my friends, waist an entire weekend packing, leave the lights of New York behind, and move to this small of Rose in The middle of Vermont. Huh.

Looking out at my new house, I will admit it was pretty impressive. I had only seen pictures of it, and it looked a lot bigger in person. It was a big three story house that was painted a dark tan color and had white pillars on each side of the double doors, with a garage the same color sticking out on one side.

My Dads a doctor and my moms a lawyer. How do you think they spend there money? Why we needed a house bigger than the one on Cheeper by the Dozen I don't know or will never know.

Choosing my room was more difficult than I thought. Jack and Jake got adjoining rooms on the second floor,why there are adjoining rooms in a big house, go figure, and Bee got a room near the back of the house that had a huge window on the third floor. I knew for sure knew I didn't want a room on the first floor, and I didn't like any of the rooms on the second floor, so it was the third floor. To me, they all just seemed square and boring. Some were painted white or peach or tan, but thats it. Not that it should be a surprise, that woman who moved out was old and pale. I was looking in one room and shaking my head no when I glanced at the end of the hallway and saw that it wasn't just a dead end. Well, there was a wall, but the the left was a closed door. It seemed more interesting, but as I moved towards it I warned myself not to get my hopes up. I probably only found it interesting because its door was closed. I walked in, and breathed out. It wasn't perfectly square, but it was square, and it was white, but I could paint over that. If you stood in the door way facing directly in front of you, the left wall jutted out into the room a couple feet in front of you then turned so that if you cut of that little bit, the room would be square. I walked in. There was one window in the center of the wall across from the door, a wide rectangular one with a rounded top like a mini version of the ones you see in churches. It had a window seat with no cushion, and when I turned around, I saw a walk in closet with no door and a few wooden hangers on the racks, on the wall that was on the right of the window. It would do I suppose.

That night, I lay awake on my sleeping bag. It was super quiet, because I couldn't hear the familiar sounds of traffic or planes right out side my door. I didn't like it. I had spent nights out of the city of course, like in my Grandma's cabin in Lake Tahoe, but I lived here now, and I would have to get used to it.

I sighed and got up to get a glass of something to drink.

When I got back, I yawed tiredly and suddenly felt something brush against my ankle. I looked down, but there was nothing there. I realized it was just a breeze and looked for the air vent, but the only air vent in the room was on the celling a good couple feet away. I frowned. Breezes don't come out of no ware. I pulled my robe and slippers on as the breeze was still there, and held my hand down. It was thin, like it was coming from under a door. I pressed my hand on the wall, but nothing happened. I frowned, and put my hand on the wall to pull myself up from my crouch, but the wall suddenly gave away. I jumped back, and clamped my hands over my mouth, as the wall pulled it self inwards and up like one of those fancy car doors, and revealed a dark hallway. I turned around, like I was looking to see if some had a camera and was just trying to scare me, but there wasn't anyone there. For a minute I just stood there, not sure what to do, when I leaned forward and called out "Hello? Is anybody there?" no one answered.

Candles. Mom had left some and some matches on the base of the stairs if we need them, I don't know why, but I didn't think I could find my flash light. So I Dashed down stairs, grabbed a long white candle and a couple matches, and dashed back up. Leaving the door probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I had to. I struck a match and lit the candle and stuck it in the passage. It wasn't very bright, so I would have to go in side to see what was in there. I held the candle to all for corners, but it looked totally deserted of spiders. Taking a big breath of air, I stepped in. About one more step in front of me was a flight of stairs that had no railing but was only wide enough for one person to walk up. It was dark, but I could still feel the breeze, full on me now. Tentatively, I began to walk up the stairs. At the second step, the door closed behind me. No light came from any ware except the candle. A couple steps later, I did begin to see light ahead of me, and I began to climb faster. Suddenly, I came to the top of the stairs and a large room. It was bigger than my room and round, except for one wall that connected with the door on the left was flat, and it was all painted black. Moonlight poured in from a window that looked like a slightly larger version of the one in my room without the window seat. That's were the breeze was coming from; the window was opened a little. I walked over and with one hand closed it. There was a table and two chairs on the wall that was flat, a black chandelier hanging ton the ceiling with several candles in it, all of which I lit. Now that the room was brighter, I had a better inspection of it. The floors were black wood, nailed in like an old house had, and two empty shelves on the wall that only had two books on one shelf. I walked over and blew dust off the spines. They were old looking, one was dark grass green and one was dark blue. The green one said "Wicca" in gold lettering. I remember hearing that in history once, about the Salem witch trials and Wiccan witches. They were my favorite part about history. The blue one didn't say anything, it didn't even have the title on the front. When I opened it, it had a ton of writing and drawings and sketches, and the paper all looked slightly aged. I frowned. Why would there be a book on Wicca and a title less book/journal in a secret hiding place? Why would there be a secret hiding place at all? Hmmmm, maybe I can get a better look at all this tomorrow...... tomorrow! I had my first day of school tomorrow! Oh snap, you did it again Kathryn. I hurriedly shoved the book back into place and whirled around in an unnesisarily big circle, slightly waving my hand that wasn't holding the candle. I was half way down the stairs when I actually remembered I had a candle in my hand and had lit a whole bunch of them. I whirled around again to go put them out, but when I got there, they were all ready out, smoke blowing of of them like it had been a breeze. I check the window again, it was locked. But I was to tiered and late on much needed sleep to care how a breeze blew out the candles when I had lit them after I closed the window.

Witch Chapter two

That morning I was tired and groggy. I had to wake up early because I had to be there early to get my scedual and talk to the principal. I pulled on a gray t-shirt that had a black rose on it, a pair of black skinny jeans, a white leather jacket, and my brown fur UGG's. Then I went to my bathroom to straiten my hair and put on my make-up. I wasn't that pretty, just like a girl next door or another face in the crowd. I had dirt brown hair that was nturly wavy and fell to my mid-back, an oval-round shaped face, heart shaped lips, high cheek bones, a normal looking nose, but my eyes were what I like best. They were a purple-gray color, with a little more gray than purple, but just enough of each that it worked.

When I got to school, I drummed my nails nervously on the seat one more time. My mom looked over.

"Don't worry Kathryn. You'll be fine. How hard can it be?" She smiled reassuringly. Easy for her to say. I'm not worried about math- I'm in Algebra 2 this year- or science-chemistry- or English-honors- or history-there really is no special class for history- but I'm worried abut finding friends. Just new ones, not to replace my old ones. Like being forced to meet new people who aren't being forced to meet you. Hard hard can it be, right? Haha, wrong.

When I was walking to the office, I felt people looking at me. Wondering who the new girl was and is she worthy of my time? I also noticed only the girls who seemed like the popular ones had straitened hair and make up on. Every girl at my old school had straitened hair. Every girl.

After I had met with the talkative principal and escaped, the first bell rang. Great, now I had to find B204 in less than seven minutes. I glanced at the map. If the office was right there, then..... Suddenly I bumped into someone and all there papers went flying.

"Ohmygod, I'm so sorry, I totally wasn't looking were I was going." I gushed as I bent down to help her pick them all up. She looked at me weird, then she seemed to realize something.

"Wh-Oh, sorry, for a second there I though you were Britt Jones. If someone dropped there papers she wouldn't help them. That's why'll I was so surprised you did." she stuffed the papers back into a notebook and stood up. She was a little on the short side,but she definitely wasn't chubby, with smooth carmel skin, wavy black hair with some of those feather clips in, a almost round face and sparkling black eyes. She looked like she could be a cheer leader with a preppy, warm-hearted smile. "Are you new? I haven't seen you around before."

"Yeah, today's my fist day." I shrugged.

"Well, were's you next class?". Before I could respond she bent my paper backwards and tilted her head so she wasn't reading totally upside down. "B204? Your in chemistry?" she seemed a little shocked as I nodded. "Wow, you must be smart be smart. Your a sophomore right?" I nodded again. "Cool, so am I. I have chem. Second period, but now I have B107, English, so I could show you were it is. Come on. I'm Alice by the way."

The rest of the day went by in a haze. I had chemistry, then P.E., then Algebra 2 with Alice, French, lunch, English, then history with Alice again. At lunch I sat with a girl named Alli, who was in my French class.

But the whole day I couldn't get some small part of my brain to forget the book in the passage way. It was strange and cool at the same time. It was the first thing I was going to do when I got home, after the homework I got. The homework wasn't that hard, since apparently my old school was more ahead than this one so I already knew half the stuff.

I shoved my history folder back in my bag and lay down on my bed. Someone had put it together while I was at school, along with my night stand and desk. So I probably should be unpacking rite now. But the passage way..... The boxes will be here when I get back. I walked over and picked up the candle and extra match I had carelessly tossed behind my door and lit the candle. I took a deep breath and pressed my hand on the wall. It pulled itself in and up like It had the night before. I stepped in and walked back up the stairs. This time I didn't flinch when the door closed. I just kept walking. I saw the light a little before I had last night, and the golden sun washed everything with a much more humble feeling. I pulled up one of the chairs at the table and picked up the blue book. And began to read.

Sorry it took so long, but here it is!!! ;)
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over a year ago princessofmagic said…
Witch chapter three

Before I could got past the first word, I noticed something fall out. It was a white envelope, and it looked barely newer than the paper inside the book. I picked it up and twirled it around on my fingers. No address, no name, definitely no return address. I could tell there were a couple peaces of paper inside, so I just opened it. There was paper inside, and they weren't as crinkly as the ones in the book, but they were yellow. At the top of the first page, it was simply addressed to the reader.

'Dear finder and reader of this letter,

If you have found this letter, that means you have fond my spells book. If you have found my spells book, then you have found this secret haven.'

Okayyyyyyy, I suppose this would explain the other book that says Wicca, but an actual spells book?

'Congradulations. If you haven't found the rest of your coven yet, let me be the first: you are a witch. Want proof? Have weird or unexplainable things ever happened to you? Like, if you are upset it might start to rain, or if your angry it might start a thunder storm? Or this secret haven. Only witches can open it, and you have obviously opened it. This letter is to explain things from an older witches experience. Of course, you coluld just ask your coven, but they can't tell you half as much as I can.'

... Suddenly I had a strange urge to swear. 'crap...' I thought.

'Like when a member of your coven says they spotted a vampre some were public, like a park or a strip mall, you lure it out to some were not so public. And never, NEVER take on a vampire or werewolf alone, no matter how weekend they are or how strong you are. Witches have strength in numbers, that's why we have covens, to protect each other. And if a werewolf or vampire corners you, swallow you pride and teleport out of there!'

Woe, woe,woe. Vampires? Werewolfs? I'm not a witch, no,the person who wrote this is absolutely crazy. I slammed the book shut whith the letter in it, shoved it back, and raced down the stairs. I paced my room floor, thinking about all that letter had said. Weird things did happen to me though. Like last night, when I went back up to put out all the cadels, they were already out. Or like the time in fifth grade, I had gotten really mad at this one girl and suddenly all the lights went out. My paceing became faster, and when I stomped my foot in frustration, my lamp suddenly flickered on. I stared. I was halfway across the room. I stomped again, thinking it could have just been the floor vibrations had turned it on, but nothing happened. I walked over and was about to check the power cable when I relized it wasn't plugged in. I looked back up at the lamp, it was still on. I looked between the lamp, and the plug that wasn't in the outlet. 'No way...... That's not possible' I though, but just as I though it, the lamp went out again, just like it should be. I was still sitting there a minute later when my mom called me.

"Kathryn! Would you come down here please? Someone wants to see you!" she shouted from the first floor. I stood up and slowly backed away from the lamp, then dashed to the stairs. I forced the lamp to the back of my mind, but it wasn't easy, and tried to focus on who would be here. I had cme up with a big fat nobody when I reached the kitchen. Sitting on a barstool with a glass of lemonade talking to my mom was my half brother David. He had cropped black hair like my mom, was wearing a shirt from the collage he was going to, and black jeans.

"David!" I shouted and ran up and hugged him. He laughed.

"Hey, Kathryn, how's it going?" he grinned as I sat on a barstool next to him.

"Oh, same ol- same old. What's up with you? Get a break or something?"

"yes and no. I thought I would play hooky today and come and vist you guys.". When he said that my mom shot him a look.

"David.." she warned.

"Don't worry mom, I'll make up the work tomorrow." He shrugged. David had a laid back attitude that he defiantly didn't get from our mom, and he never took things to seriously. He wasn't stupid, if he was he wouldn't have gotten into collage, he was actually smarter than he gave himself credit for.

That night, I lay awake again, thinking about what that book had said. I'm a witch? No, I couldn't be. I got up, put my robe and slippers on again, then walked up to the wall and put my hand on it. It gave without a fight, and I walked in without a candle. Whiteout the candel, the whole place seemed more like a place a witch would live. I looked up to the chandeleir. The candels looked like they had the night before. If I was s witch, then I should be able to light a few candels. I raised my hand and imagined them catching fire. Nothing happened. I imagined it again, only this time I focused more one the molecules rubbing together quicker and quicker.... Suddenly each candel burst into flames. I smiled. Looks like that person really wasn't crazy. I noticed a closet that had an intracit design that looked like vines on it on the wall across from the book shelves. That defiantly hadn't been there before. Slowly, I waked over and creaked open the door and peaked inside. I couldn't see inside. I whipped it open and jumped back. Nothing came out. Inside there were shelves lining the wall to the celing, cramped with stuff a witch might use. I saw a ton of glass viles, some larger with flat bottoms, some smaller with a hook at the top and rounded bottoms, a white marble grinder bowl with a matching grinder, a huge black witches pot, several small and big spoons, and a ton of other things I didn't recognize. I walked around in awe, when something in the corner caught my eye. It was a black cloak, the inside was red velvet, and it had a hood with fur on the inside. I pulled it gently of the hook and was about to put it on when something shinny caught my eye. It was a necklace; it was long black leather, little sliver clasps, and on the end was a silver five-pointed star. It was inside a circle, had little red rubies on the end of each point, and a big blue gem in the middle. I pulled it over my head, not needing to undo the clasps,and pulled the cloak over it. I smiled; I felt like a real witch.

I feel like cake.
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