wings of fogo REAL WoF quote contest

kpaw05 posted on Apr 04, 2015 at 05:00PM
Rules: Must be appropriate ( to clarify what's appropriate,school appropriate)
you can only enter one quote
you cannot vote for your own

Round 1: Nightwings
ends the morning of May 5

1st: gets to choose next theme, a mention on the wall (when announcing winners), and The Joy of Winning (maybe 3 props), and I will fan them
2nd: (maybe 2 props), mentioned with the winners, and I will fan them
3rd: (maybe 1 prop), I will fan them,and they will be mentioned.

P.S. Everyone that entered will be mentioned

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over a year ago kpaw05 said…
Quote: "Still not a power. That's just you guys being creepy." Clay had said. "Is NOT creepy!" Starflight cried, his voice rising.
Said in: book 1
Said by: Starflight and Clay
over a year ago Elsafrost11 said…
Quote: 'Stay here, I'll be right back with some mud" Peril said. "Stay here." Clay repeated. "Because I'll be going where, for a walk?"
Said in: Book 1
Said by: Clay and Peril
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