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posted by MejesticDraky45
 Image of a Featherwing (Non-Colored)(No arms)
Image of a Featherwing (Non-Colored)(No arms)
FeatherWings Live near the Rainforest, in peace with the RainWings, they resemble a bird-and have many bird-like features.
FeatherWings have different "groups" , and each "group" are different from eachother. Each FeatherWing "group" has the patterns of different birds, like how the peacock "group" has the patterns and as cores of a peacock.

FeatherWing Description: Beaks at end of snout; Large Legs and Talons; Most featherwings have no arms;Males have crests;color varies to which group the featherwing is in; Large Feathery Wings; Legs and spine area only have scales, some times the head and...
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First: Starflight

1. Starflight is one of the dragonets of destiny, and considers Glory, Tsunami, and Clay his siblings, with Sunny as his crush. He cares about them greatly.
2. His intelligence has been one of the dragonets' of destiny greatest assets.
3. He saved Clay's life in the river with his advice, found a way out of the SkyWing prison, found a way past the SeaWing prison, and has helped his team invaluably.
4. Starflight was reluctant to betray his friends, and hated being the only one saved from the SkyWing arena. He felt awful about being asked to pick Blister.
5. Despite him being a...
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posted by Fairstepshaven
Two shapes, one lean and red and the other large and ice-white, carefully picked their way through the steaming volcanic fields, slowly nearing a massive golden palace. Two guards stood at the iron-door entrance, clutching sharp spears in their talons. They eyed the strangers, and one stepped forward, a fiery red and laranja FlameWing.
"Halt!" the guard barked, his companion shifting to mover in front of the door as he stepped forward.
"State your business, SkyWing and IceWing." he demanded.
The strangers stopped, giving each other a quick sideways glance. The IceWing's dark eyes glinted cruelly...
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posted by Purple-Enderman
This is a story from Shakesphere's Julius Ceasar. It's not a play but a story.

Ceasar- SandWing

Flavius- RainWing

Marullus- RainWing

Cassius- NightWing

Brutus- RainWing

Portia- RainWing

Calpurna- NightWing

Lucias- MudWing

Soothsayer- NightWing

Cinna- IceWing

Casca- SkyWing

Metellus Cimber- NightWing

Ligarius- MudWing

Trebonius- SeaWing

Decius- SandWing

Octavius- SeaWing

Mark Anthony- SkyWing

Act 1

Scene 1
A RainWing spread his wings out as he landed into the crowed of dragons. "Arg! Three Moons! Why are you celebrating this! GO OUT!!! OUT YOU FOOLS! And you, what do you do?" The RainWing pointed his...
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posted by Mythicthunder
If you have not read part 1 GO READ IT. if you dont this will make no sense

Chapter 2
New Parts
Frost got tired of being teased after having to deal with it for four years, so she set off to go find the old machinist, Kindling. Kindling was an old she-dragon who learned the art of forgery when she was young, and she made it her profession. She makes everything from replacement wings to dragon armor. Frost knew she could make what she needed.
As Frost landed on the front doorstep of Kindling's cottage, the ground fell away beneath her and she had only enough time to spread her wings and fly...
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posted by Mythicthunder
The lost RainWing

It all started when the first dragon went missing. Her name was Lavender. No one knows what happened to her, ever her partner, Bright, had no idea what could have happened. A procurar party went out looking for her under queen Glory's orders, but being RainWings, they had to stop for suntime. They came back with nothing, not even a scale. After that dragões started to vanish, one por one every other month, until an egg was stolen from the hatchery. Then queen Glory got mad, real mad. Who would have the nerve to steal an egg, but then again her own egg was stolen, so...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Fellow SandWings, I stand before you to discuss the well known 'sibling rivalry' between myself and my sisters Burn and Blaze. This has been going on for years and has grown to include almost all of Pyrrhia and has even started the hatred of the Talons of Peace. The Dragonets of Destiny, of which the Talons choose, are to choose the queen they feel best fits the role of SandWing queen after the passing of our dear mother, queen Oasis. The problem I see however is that they are too young and inexperienced to be thinking about how their decision may affect us all in years to come. They were raised...
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