Will Forte Sketch Idea: Water resfriador, refrigerador Orgasm

Aequitus posted on Oct 25, 2009 at 08:45PM
I have a sketch idea, or at least an idea for a premise of a sketch. Keenan Thompson would play a clerk at a travel agency in a mall, and first a really attractive female would come up and make conversation, and then ask if she could fill her water bottle at the travel agency's water cooler. As she fills it up, she mimics sexual sounds starting off subtly, and increasingly more dramatic as the container is filled, Keenan watching all the while. She thanks him and leaves, then Will Forte comes in, makes conversation, and does the same thing at the water cooler, Keenan watching and grimacing. After that I'm not sure. Will Forte, if you are out there--complete the sketch!

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