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What a girl wants Which reunion were you mais excited about in the end?

13 fans picked:
Henry/ Daphne (Father & amp; Daughter)
Henry/Daphne (Father & Daughter)
Ian/ Daphne (Daphne got HER true love)
Ian/Daphne (Daphne got HER true love)
Henry/ Libby (Waiting 17 years for your true love...
Henry/Libby (Waiting 17 years for your true amor ....)
 OKFan posted over a year ago
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Henry/ Daphne (Father & amp;...
Moviegirl80 picked Henry/Daphne (Father & Daughter):
posted over a year ago.
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Henry/ Daphne (Father & amp;...
HoltNLucy4Ever picked Henry/Daphne (Father & Daughter):
I loved Henry and Daphne's reunion.
posted over a year ago.
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