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Weegee some guy with a little stare HA i said looking scary as ever. that time he ttook a strong headbutt against the mural i opened my eyes it was weegee. I zapped him with my laser i barley gave him a scar. then i punched in the face and starded punching and kiking him until he was against the mural then i did a strong zap. i finished him atleadt thats what i thought. But HE IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!! and he only had a few scratches. Heh i was holding back isaid and then i ripped if his hat. WEEGEEEEEEEEE said wegee and then he charged at me. i said bring it on and then i charged at him full power with a red aura around me. when i opend my eyes weegee WAS DEAD. finally i said. But weegees ghost was there but the ghost bowed down to me. now i have him as a servant doing my biding geting my souls and now i declare THAT WEEGEE WOULD LOSE A FIGHT WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by malleo36

that tails is not creepy. HOW IZ HE CREEPY? he's only a fake tails >.> whats creepy about that? ZA BLOOD? nu he gets that from human graves or something i dunno <.< YOU EXPECT THAT THING TO BE ABLE TO KILL SOMEONE!?!? weegee cant kill pplz but he can turn people into weegee clones and tails doesent do anything >.> the only thing he does its say "play with meh!"... HOW IS THAT CREEPEH!!!!????

I rest my case u_u DONT ARGUE WITH ME OR ILL TURN U INTO A fogo FLOWA!!!!!!
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