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 The Fifth Cat
The Fifth Cat
Chapter 1 ~

Tanglefur padded over to the nursery to check on Robinfall and Kinktail. Lakeshine was out collecting herbs. It was Greenleaf. Nearly a whole season had passed since Tanglefur and her littermates were apprentices. Braveleap had been named for his huge leap when he saved Willowstorm. Stormcloud, Vinepelt and Braveleap were on patrols. Braveleap and Vinepelt were on a hunting patrol, and Stormcloud was on a border patrol, to make sure that no gatos came past the borders. Tanglefur sat down seguinte to Robinfall. The newborn kits were wriggling in Robinfall's nest. "Have they been getting...
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Sorry about crappy voices in some parts ^_^ credit-NiftyApplestar from youtube
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