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posted by akatsuki_lover9
 flippy when he's flipped out
flippy when he's flipped out
Chapter 2
I had just finished introducing flippy to brick and bone. Their expressions were blank. “he seems pretty weak scourge.” bone meowed. “he almost killed scourge! How is that weak?!” brick argued. “why exactly did he do that?” bone asked, glaring at flippy. Flippy sighed. “I'll tell you why, but it's a long story.” brick and bone exchanged a glance. “go on.”bone mewed. “it all started one fateful day, I was called out to serve in a war.” flippy began. “it turned out, two of my friends were called to serve too. The dia we got there I knew it wouldn't be easy....
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this is why I think millie is better for gray stripe than Silverstream ( you can think different because this is just my opinion.)

1. Silverstream was in river clan and Millie was a kittypet but she proved herself worthy of the clan's respect.

2. Nobody knew about graystripes and silverstreams relationship until she died. after that not everybody still respected graystripe. With mille, graystripe came back to thunderclan to announce that he was her mate and then everyone accepted him.

3. having a mate in another clan is against the warrior code. having a kitty pet as a mate is fine only if they have joined your clan.

that's really all i have right now. please comment if you agree with me and if you have anymore reasons why millie is better for graystripe than silverstream than feel free to tell me.
posted by ExoticButters
Chapter 4

It was many moons after the accident at snake hills and mist paw was punished for lying. Sun paw remembered when he was chuckling when he heard mist paw would clear the elders nests. But he was finally becoming a warrior today. raposa estrela died from the oak path trees falling. So white estrela padded onto the high stump. “All gatos old enough to claw the crows please gather for a clan meeting!” He called. The new deputy was moon tail. lost legs niece. Eventually white estrela called sun paws name. “From this dia forward, this apprentice will be called sun dew.” The Clan was chanting...
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posted by Rainstrike
Rainpaw awoke in her nest to feel thorn-sharp claws raking down her pelt. She spun around, knocking away the enemy, to see Darkshade, the medicine-cat apprentice, on the ground. "What were you doing?" Rainpaw asked, her voice rising with horror. Darkshade scrambled to his paws, shooting her a panicked look, and ran away out of camp. Rainpaw chased after him, but her paws felt heavy and clumsy with tiredness. "Darkshade!" She yowled. Her clanmate, Duskfall, raced over to her and skidded to a halt. "What's wrong?" He asked. Rainpaw narrowed her eyes into the thick layer of pine trees. "Its Darkshade....
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posted by Jayfeather1215

A small shrek came from the nusery.It appered as Moonshine's kits were finally comeing."Its ok, just bite on this leaf."-Mistcloud,her sister said.
"But...ug!"Moonshine said grunting
Awhile after,2 small she-cats and 2small toms were born.Tallkit, a small gray tom with green eyes, Lakekit a small white tom with black tabby stripes. Dawnkit, a small tan she-cat with black tabby stripes,and the last kit was Saphirekit, a ice white she-cat with blue tinted tabby stripes an ice blue eyes.
They were happy joyfull kits. "Come on! Moonshine we want to go outside!"Tallkit...
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Moonlight shined overhead as the two toms talked quietly their heads close together. One was a golden tabby, the other was smaller with light grey fur.
The golden tom flicked his ear "Have StarClan told you anything that could help us?"
The grey tom's tail lashed in anger "StarClan have spoken to me, but what they say won't help at all. They think that each clan must stand alone if they are to survive. They don't see that the only way to survive this is if all the clans work together."
The other blinked in surprize, "Surely StarClan knows what's best, though. Maybe they're right."
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SmokeKit finds himself in a warm nest with his mother, RippleTail, lying with him and his kin. Smoke kit then goes outside the nursery, and sees so many different faces. He’s curious and explores, since he don’t know his boundaries he fall into the river, then a strange warrior helps him out, a brown cat, not full size but about the size of an apprentice. A riverclan patrol is walking por and sees them so they yell at they brown cat. He runs off and smoke kit is now an apprentice. Ever since he saw the brown cat leave he thought to himself: gee mabye being aggressive and harsh is good. Eventually...
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It was not long atrás when miststrike was exiled and killed, but sundew and antlerdusk were close friends and had full respect. They also had apprentices, rain storm and leaf tail that had grown to fine warriors. So antlerdusk was the seguinte deputy. And at this very moon, there was a new warrior.
“Storm paw, from this dia forward, you will be called storm cloud.” White estrela announced proudly. The elderly Tom had always accepted the new warriors. “Storm cloud! Storm cloud!”
Cheered the clan. Bracken lion was the proudest, though. After the ceremony antlerdusk walked up por the high rock. I’m...
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posted by prim17luvr101
Reduces swelling and prevents infection when chewed and applied to a wound. May also be chewed por a cat with a toothache to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in preventing complications.

Used to prevent tooth decay.

Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems or burns.

New shoots are to be eaten, and chewed and applied to the bit of an Adder or víbora to stave off the effects of its poisoned bite.
Keys (seeds) of the Ash árvore may also be consumed to fight the pain caused por a stitch in the side.

Apply to the paw to treat any paw problems.

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Cinderheart and Lionblaze have kits

One of these kits is named Firekit, and is Firestar reincarnated

The other two are named Hollykit and Hawk-kit

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight are mates again( confrimed)

Scourge returns (Highly doubt)

There will be a tornado

Leafpool regains her position as Medicine Cat(Confrimed)

SkyClan will be mentioned

Dumble ( pomba X Bumble ) is cannon

The tornado part is sorta breathtaking see that it will kill many cats.
um the name says it all
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posted by Silverleaf16
After moons of traveling The journeying gatos get back from the Tribe. When they get início ivypool tells Dovewing about the black cat in the tunnels Jayfeather overhears this and asks Ivypool about the cat. Later that Night Ivypool Jayfeather Lionblaze and Dovewing go to the tunnels to look. When they get to the tunnels Lionblaze tells Dovewing to spread her sense's Dovewing sense's two gatos and sees a black cat with green eyes paddling through the tunnels. As the gatos walk on they find Hollyleaf alone por the river she jumps up as her brothers come up. Her brothers convince her to come back and fight the dark forest cats. They also tell Hollyleaf about Dovewing and the fourth cat prophecy. Hollyleaf agrees to just forget about Leafpool and she goes for the sake of her brothers and the prophecy.
posted by Mistyflower
I have tracked down and recorded (almost) every single Clan on Fanpop. Here they are.
(If you see 2, 3, or 4 in parentheses it means that is the 2nd 3rd or 4th one)

BrightClan (BrighttClan)
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Cast list
Leafpool: light brown tabby she-cat (medicine cat)
Brambleclaw: dark brown tabby tom (deputy of ThunderClan)
Cloudtail: long-haired white tom
Berrypaw: cream-colored tom (Brambleclaw’s apprentice)
Crowfeather: dark gray tom
Onestar: brown tabby tom (leader of WindClan)
Tornear: tabby tom
Harepaw: light brown tom (Tornear’s apprentice)
The narrow, overgrown stream that runs through the woods at the edge of the moor, which marks the border between ThunderClan and WindClan.
Early leaf-fall, two moons after the death of Hawkfrost on ThunderClan territory in mysterious...
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Warriors: The lost Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars

The stars were shining brightly as a gray cat sat on a rock, meditating her thoughts and actions. She shook her furry head as she soon started to cry. Thin streams of tears lined down her cheeks. "Why?" She stuttered out. "Why did I not help them in their time of need?"
"It's not your fault mother," a voice behind her replied.
The gray cat whipped around to see her son, casaco shining like a estrela in the night sky. "Oh, Stonefur! Sorry about this. It's just that-" she cut...
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posted by BramblestarTC
Hello Twolegs and Twolegettes Bramblestar here and today about in 20 minutos we are going to play Captures the Prey the main goal is to, gets all the prey in each clans camps the game starts in 20 minutos we will keep you updated in the comments below but for now place your bets. And also Starclan and Darkforest gatos have also come to play in there default clans however Tigerstar/Claw REfused to play so he is not playing now all the characters are listed belows who will Win!!!

1. gatos can Tag Cats.
2. Your Base must must be the CAMP.
3. you start off with 3 prey NO MORE.
4. If all your prey...
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