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A video blog, two stories of a local grave known as the "Vampire's Crypt" at Erie Cemetery in Erie, Pennsylvania.
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When we submerse ourselves in everything that’s vampire related, we often find that the words “vampire” and “vampyre” are used interchangeably. But are these two things really one in the same? And if so, why the different spellings? I know that the very idea of vampiros lends itself to interpretations of many different kinds but, are we really reinventing the English language here? No. There is actually a very clear distinction between the two and we thought that here, we’d break it down for you.

Quite simply, vampiros are fictional. They are human corpses that have become reanimated...
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Chapter 7 - Different
    “Never mind. Its not important.” he said regretfully.
    I was slightly crushed that something so unimportant is something he wouldn’t share with me. If it wasn’t important then why be so secretive?
“ Please tell me. You can trust me.” I said convincingly, or so I thought.
“ I know that I can trust you but I am still not sure if I should tell you or not. I don’t know if it is the right time but I don’t know any better time, either.” he said seeming torn between something that was way mais than what he was telling...
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